Cruising Antarctica – Worth The Risk?

Cruising And The Drake Passage Just within the past couple of weeks we’ve come across a few articles discussing heavy seas in Drake Passage and the problems encountered by cruise ships under way to Antarctica. It’s not really clear what the message being sent is attempting to convey but we’re left with the likely messageContinue reading “Cruising Antarctica – Worth The Risk?”

Tropical Cruise Options

Winters Coming – Plan Your Escape A mild Winter, a snowy Winter – it doesn’t matter – Winter is usually cold and grey and there are times when it would just be great to get away! Cruise companies are well aware of the gloom of Winter and there is a whole armada of cruise shipsContinue reading “Tropical Cruise Options”

Scandinavia Cruise Options

Cruise Scandinavia And The North Atlantic Cruise up Norway’s stunning fjords, visit The Netherlands’ fabled tulip fields and windmills, or stroll through the Viking medieval cities. Cruise the British Isles or stark Iceland. Popular Northern Europe And Atlantic Cruise Destination – Amsterdam and Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Alesund, Bergen and Flam (Norway), Copenhagen (Denmark), Stockholm (Sweden),Continue reading “Scandinavia Cruise Options”

Caribbean Cruise Options

Winter Is Caribbean Cruise Time The Caribbean is one of the worlds most popular cruise destinations and winter is the Caribbean’s high season. There is an itinerary and a price point to meet virtually every interest and budget that include 2 day to 20+ day cruises. Take a few minutes and check out some ofContinue reading “Caribbean Cruise Options”

Cruising The Panama Canal

Haven’t Cruised Through The Canal Yet? The Panama Canal is always near the top of peoples favorite cruise experiences and for good reason. First the canal remains one of the world’s greatest engineering feats after over one hundred years and is something that must be seen. It is also a cruise where most start andContinue reading “Cruising The Panama Canal”

Cruise Itineraries In the South China Sea

Cruise Into The Exotic Countries Of Southeast Asia The South China Sea is being added to more and more cruise itineraries and for very good reason. There’s plenty to see and do and it offers a great opportunity to explore this exotic part of the world. From the rain forests of Borneo, the temples of BangkokContinue reading “Cruise Itineraries In the South China Sea”

Mediterranean Cruise Itineraries

Summer is cruising season in the Mediterranean and the major cruise lines are well established in the market and offer a wide variety of itineraries. There are a number of similarities in most itineraries with the two main embarkation ports being Barcelona and the port for Rome, Civitavecchia. A majority of cruises in the easternContinue reading “Mediterranean Cruise Itineraries”

A Cruise Find In A Back-To-Back

Cruising the British Isles with a North Atlantic Crossing! Back To Back Cruises With A Great Itinerary We’re very fond of back-to-back cruises for a couple of reasons. First, if you’re going to spend the time to travel half way round the world why not make the most of it? A ten or twelve dayContinue reading “A Cruise Find In A Back-To-Back”