Cruising Update May 11, 2020

As cruise fans we have received notices of cancellations with concern and continue to make future plans. We have already had several recent bookings cancelled and it appears that there are more to come. Here are updates we’ve located so far in May: Norwegian Cruise Lines We had recently reported about the statement from NCLContinue reading “Cruising Update May 11, 2020”

The Ultimate Guide To Selecting Your Cruise Ship

Information On Most Cruise Ships In Service Today As the travel industry entered the twenty-first century an amazing thing happened. The popularity of cruising was growing rapidly and cruise line companies reacted by launching a whole new generation of mega-ships. To attract passengers they added amusement parks, dozens of gourmetĀ  restaurants, water features, nightclubs, sportsContinue reading “The Ultimate Guide To Selecting Your Cruise Ship”

Getting To Florida Ports For That Caribbean Cruise

With Caribbean Cruising season fast approaching here is a guide to how to get to those Florida ports. Regardless if your coming by train, plane or automobile there are ways to save money making that final connection to your cruise ship. Florida Cruises – Getting To The Port… Florida has become one of the largestContinue reading “Getting To Florida Ports For That Caribbean Cruise”