Cruise Port Icy Strait Point (ISP), Alaska

Icy Strait Point is a popular nature port of call on Chichagof Island that opened in 2004. The facilities are only open when cruise ships are visiting. It was developed by the native Tlingits and is focused on celebrating the areas history, nature and the Tlingit culture. It is the ideal location for exploring wildlifeContinue reading “Cruise Port Icy Strait Point (ISP), Alaska”

Packing Medications For Travel

Carrying Medications and Being Prepared One of our travel essentials often is a ready made pack from Rescue Essentials, a Medications Unit Dose Pack available on Amazon HERE. The pack is only 5.91 x 3.78 x 0.91 inches; 1.13 ounces with individually marked foil packets. Each ziplock bag contains: 12 Ibuprofen (NSAID) – 200 mgContinue reading “Packing Medications For Travel”

Hawaii’s Port of Kona

The Port of Kona or Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii Hawaii’s Big Island It does seem confusing as the name of the island group is Hawaii, the name of the state is also Hawaii and the name of the island chain’s largest island is Hawaii too. This Pacific group of islands sits overContinue reading “Hawaii’s Port of Kona”

Salvage Dawgs In Roanoke

We’ve been big fans of the show Salvage Dawgs for years. It ran from 2012 for eight years on HGTV and as we planned a trip up the Blue Ridge Mountains a year ago we had to make Roanoke a stop for an afternoon at their store Black Dog Salvage. For all those years theContinue reading “Salvage Dawgs In Roanoke”

Akaroa, New Zealand, A Port of Call

The cruise port of Akaroa, New Zealand is a popular resort area for New Zealanders being less than fifty miles from Christ Church. The area is also seeing more frequent visits by cruise ships from the growing popularity of cruising around Australia and New Zealand. The port of call Akaroa, New Zealand is located onContinue reading “Akaroa, New Zealand, A Port of Call”

Posters Prints And Art

Decorating Accents That Celebrate A World Of Travel Experiences Revisit those amazing places and remembered adventures by adding travel print accents to your rooms decorating ideas. The joy of travel is the inspiration behind The Intentional Traveler’s collection. Treat yourself to our inspiring travel images… A World Of Amazing Sights Subtle, iconic, stunning locations fromContinue reading “Posters Prints And Art”

Ports Of Call On Hawaii’s Big Island

Hawaii’s Big Island The “Big Island” of Hawaii is the largest and southern-most island in the State of Hawaii. It is home to The Volcano National Park which includes Kīlauea, one of the world’s most active volcanoes, and Mauna Loa, the world’s most massive shield volcano. The island has two major towns, Kona on theContinue reading “Ports Of Call On Hawaii’s Big Island”

Don’t Become A Pack Horse While Traveling

What you need to pack when traveling is a topic that generates a lot of discussion and there are a number of extreme positions. Ever seen that couple at airport baggage check-in with seven or more suitcases? What’s in those suitcases? There’s also the person that comes to the international air terminal carrying only aContinue reading “Don’t Become A Pack Horse While Traveling”

Avoid Alien Encounters While Traveling

There are all kinds of aliens out there. Alien hotel rooms, alien electric receptacles. It’s terrible being lost and disoriented in a strange hotel room or cruise cabin in the dark of night. It’s interesting to note that night lights aren’t a common part of American hotel rooms and traveling overseas – forget it. InContinue reading “Avoid Alien Encounters While Traveling”

Graffiti Everywhere

I am not sure why but my camera is drawn to record graffiti as we travel. Some of it is incredible street art worthy of being recorded and saved, but much is just a defacing of public and private property. I have developed some opinions about why some places are rank with graffiti while othersContinue reading “Graffiti Everywhere”