In Search Of The Blue Footed Booby

If most people were to guess which is the most iconic animal in the Galapagos it would probably be the Galapagos tortoise or maybe the marine iguana. If the gift shops in San Cristobal are any indication it would appear the overwhelming winner is actually the blue footed booby. Maybe it’s the name – theContinue reading “In Search Of The Blue Footed Booby”

Palace Guard in Copenhagen An Encounter

A Short Story During a short visit to Copenhagen, Denmark a group of our friends went off to see the changing of the guard at Amalienborg Palace. We headed off on our own with plans to find the Little Mermaid statue and stroll the canal district. After finding the Little Mermaid and having coffee onContinue reading “Palace Guard in Copenhagen An Encounter”

A Visit To A Halifax Cemetery

A Short Story On a visit to Halifax, Nova Scotia we were told we should go see Fairview Lawn cemetery. It is a large and well manicured place and in a back corner is an interesting section with three long rows of mostly similar headstones. The first thing that gets your attention is they allContinue reading “A Visit To A Halifax Cemetery”

One Scary Road In Utah

A Short Story Utah’s Hogsback on Route 12 Several years ago we spent a couple of weeks checking off items on our bucket list in the National Parks of Utah. We rented a car in Salt Lake City, toured the parks and dropped off the car in Las Vegas. One afternoon halfway through the tripContinue reading “One Scary Road In Utah”

Three Coins In The???

Back in the late sixties while in the Navy, I was in and out of Italy a lot. On a number of port calls I put in for two day leave to travel around the country and on one trip I managed to spend a couple of days in Rome again. I had been friendsContinue reading “Three Coins In The???”

Love Locks Continue To Spread

Is It A Statement of Love or Vandalism? A SHORT STORY We weren’t aware of love locks before about a decade ago but recently as we travel we often come across collections of padlocks attached to bridges, fences and other public structures. It wasn’t difficult to figure out what was going on by all theContinue reading “Love Locks Continue To Spread”

Trapped In Blarney Castle

A Short Story It wasn’t the best weather for visiting Blarney Castle, cloudy with off and on drizzle. But on the positive side maybe it would keep the crowds away. It was our only opportunity to visit Blarney on this our first trip to the Emerald Isle and it seemed like a sort of obligationContinue reading “Trapped In Blarney Castle”

On A Dock At Sunset Eating Seafood

A Short Story and a Few Reviews We’ve lived in Florida for over 40 years and we love the state. I spent much of my life either on the sea or under it and if you’re a water person there’s no better place to be. Beaches, coral reefs, lobsters and for years our favorite getawayContinue reading “On A Dock At Sunset Eating Seafood”

A World Of Abandoned And Derelict Boats

A SHORT STORY Throw Away Boats   If you travel a lot, especially if you are a cruise enthusiast, you will on occasion come across ship and boat wrecks either grounded or in shallow water. They seem to garner more attention than wrecks on land. Maybe there is something more intriguing or romantic about shipContinue reading “A World Of Abandoned And Derelict Boats”