The Palace Guard in Copenhagen An Encounter

Above: The canal at Nyhavn A Short Story During a short visit to Copenhagen, Denmark a group of our friends went off to see the changing of the guard at Amalienborg Palace. We headed off on our own with plans to find the Little Mermaid statue and stroll the canal district. After finding the LittleContinue reading “The Palace Guard in Copenhagen An Encounter”

Around Our World in 120 Seconds

Let’s Call This a Short Story Recently flipping through photographs and trying to put together a slide show I realized that what I was doing would take several hours just to see. While the photographs are good, who in their right mind wants to sit through hours of viewing slides? Welcome back to the sixtiesContinue reading “Around Our World in 120 Seconds”

Bermuda’s Somerset Bridge

Going To See Somerset Bridge A short Story As part of a recent cruise we spent two days in Bermuda and struck out from the pier in Royal Naval Dockyard early to see all we could. The first day we made it by ferry to Hamilton, where we spent the morning, took a bus outContinue reading “Bermuda’s Somerset Bridge”

Love Locks – Pledging Undying Love

Love Locks – A Statement of Love or Vandalism? A SHORT STORY We were never aware of love locks before about fifteen years ago but recently as we travel we often come across collections of padlocks attached to bridges and other public structures. It wasn’t difficult to figure out what was going on by allContinue reading “Love Locks – Pledging Undying Love”

1965 And The 4 Minute Louvre – An Update

This was originally posted in August 2019 based on my recollection of that week. Afterwards a number of people corrected me that it was the 6 minute Louvre and supplied links to a 1990 Buchwald column similar to my account. Just recently someone forwarded me a copy of a 1965 colume (see below). Perhaps ArtContinue reading “1965 And The 4 Minute Louvre – An Update”

Once Upon A Time In Quebec

A Short Story Ice Cream In Old Quebec On a spectacular Autumn day we spent hours walking around Old Quebec. It’s a beautiful city with winding streets and lots of interesting shops, cafes and restaurants. The first thing that hits you is there are literally no signs in English. Dealing with local merchants took meContinue reading “Once Upon A Time In Quebec”

Searching For Kürtőskalács In Budapest

Kürtőskalács In Budapest A Short Story Budapest is probably one of the World’s most underappreciated cities. In Europe we’ve been to Rome, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Athens, Vienna, and more and we would put Budapest at the top of our list. It has incredible cityscapes and gardens and a walk along the Danube at night isContinue reading “Searching For Kürtőskalács In Budapest”

Disney World Opening Under Covid-19

A Short Story • September 2020 For a couple of reasons we spent a few days, just after Labor Day, at Walt Disney World. We stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge, Jambo House, one of our favorite WDW resorts. At the time we made our reservation we checked restaurants through MyDisney account to confirm that theContinue reading “Disney World Opening Under Covid-19”

Shore Excursions Out Of Sync With Reality

Short Stories Cruise lines and ships generally do a good job contracting with tour companies to provide shore excursions for their passengers and that can, at times, be a monumental undertaking. When ships visit ports on a regular basis the job of booking tours is mostly routine – same port, different day. Sometimes the portContinue reading “Shore Excursions Out Of Sync With Reality”