Christmas 2020 At Disney World An Update

Good news, not so good news and the bad news. First, I was way too optimistic about Christmas 2020 being near normal. While this is more of a look back it does offer a glimpse at what’s to come in the next few months and an update on some previous reports. We are Floridians andContinue reading “Christmas 2020 At Disney World An Update”

The Art and Science of Packing for a Trip

Traveling light can become a lifestyle once you begin focusing your attention on available options and planning for the trips needs. Traveling with lighter, easily rinsable, multi-purpose clothes actually makes the trip much easier on you when you no longer are hauling around oversized and heavy luggage. Please Note: Most items shown on this pageContinue reading “The Art and Science of Packing for a Trip”


Get More, Don’t Pay More Why Use A Travel Agent? If you weren’t aware, using a travel agent for booking trips involves no additional cost to you. Travel agents are compensated strictly by commission and their booking charges are exactly the same as if you had booked through an online travel site or directly withContinue reading “USING A TRAVEL AGENT”

Our pdf Library

In an effort to make our articles more usable. We are creating pdf versions of our articles specifically to be downloaded, saved and printed. We’re excited at the reception of this feature thus far and will be working to update and convert many previous articles in the future. Below is an easy index to currentlyContinue reading “Our pdf Library”