Three Coins In The???

Back in the late sixties while in the Navy, I was in and out of Italy a lot. On a number of port calls I put in for two day leave to travel around the country and on one trip I managed to spend a couple of days in Rome again. I had been friendsContinue reading “Three Coins In The???”

Todays Featured Poster • The Vatican

Saint Peter’s Basilica is the center of Catholic Christendom and one of the largest churches in the world. The construction of the basilica began in 1506 and was finished in 1626. Named after Jesus’s disciple who became Saint Peter, who was executed and buried on the spot where the Basilica now stands. One of theContinue reading “Todays Featured Poster • The Vatican”

Navigating Those Ports To Get To Your Cruise

So we’ve booked our cruise, the bags are packed and we’ve the trip to the airport. What did we forget? Maybe we need to research how to get to our cruise ship? The easiest choice would be to book transfers to the ship with the cruise line, but it could be we’ll be missing outContinue reading “Navigating Those Ports To Get To Your Cruise”

Mediterranean Cruise Itineraries

Summer is cruising season in the Mediterranean and the major cruise lines are well established in the market and offer a wide variety of itineraries. There are a number of similarities in most itineraries with the two main embarkation ports being Barcelona and the port for Rome, Civitavecchia. A majority of cruises in the easternContinue reading “Mediterranean Cruise Itineraries”

Rome’s Enotecas / Wine Bars

After a long day walking thru the sights of Rome with maybe a late lunch on the Via Veneto what would be better than finding a wine bar for happy hour – just the perfect finish to a great Roman day. Italian wine bars are called Enoteche, an Italian word derived from a Greek wordContinue reading “Rome’s Enotecas / Wine Bars”

The Map Room

Navigating on our cellphones is great but it does have shortcomings. Over the years we’ve collected a number of maps and marked them up with attractions and routes to follow. We have also combined and modified maps before our trip to simplify understanding a place. Here we provide a number of these modified maps thatContinue reading “The Map Room”

Civitavecchia, Rome’s Port

Civitavecchia is a seaside city and the port serving the city of Rome. The city is serviced by frequent train service from Rome along with service to other Italian destinations. The Cruise port is only a short five or six block walk along the waterfront on Via Aurelia from the train station. Once inside theContinue reading “Civitavecchia, Rome’s Port”

Rome’s Trimani Enoteca, a Wine Bar

After a long day walking thru Rome and a late lunch on the Via Veneto finding a wine bar for happy hour would be just the place to unwind. Trimani Enoteca A good choice would be the highly rated Trimani Enoteca which genuinely deserves the praise it gets. Trimani has been a name in RomeContinue reading “Rome’s Trimani Enoteca, a Wine Bar”

Bitten By The Travel Bug

My First Night In Rome A Short Story Back in the spring of 1965 for high school graduation I went to Italy with a relative. It was the first time I had left the United States and it was to be a great adventure. The way things worked out as we traveled around I hadContinue reading “Bitten By The Travel Bug”