Port of Call Adelaide Australia

Adelaide is a modern Australian city with much to see and do. Featuring the historic Old Port,, along with a vibrant the Cleland Wildlife Refuge and a number of beach communities, along with a vibrant central city. The City of Adelaide in South Australia was founded in 1836, and was named after King William’s wife.Continue reading “Port of Call Adelaide Australia”

Adelaide’s Cleland Wildlife Refuge

Anyone visiting Australia is sure to have kangaroos and koalas high on their must-see list. If you are on a short schedule, a day or two in the Outback is probably not in the cards. Australia has some great zoos like Taronga Zoo Sydney and The Melbourne Zoo but to get up close and personnelContinue reading “Adelaide’s Cleland Wildlife Refuge”

Todays Featured Poster • The Sydney Opera House

Sitting on the shore of one of the worlds greatest natural harbors is an engineering masterpiece, the Sydney Opera House. Designed with sweeping lines to appear as sails of ships in the harbor. The architect was Jørn Utzon, a relatively unknown 38 year old Dane when his design submission was announced the winner of theContinue reading “Todays Featured Poster • The Sydney Opera House”

Todays Featured Poster • Sydney Opera House

The Iconic Sydney Opera House – This performing arts center in Sydney doesn’t just represent this remarkable city but all of Australia. Located on the shore of Sydney Harbor, it is widely regarded as one of the world’s most famous and distinctive buildings and a masterpiece of 20th century architecture. Designed to represent sailboats onContinue reading “Todays Featured Poster • Sydney Opera House”

Todays Featured Poster • Bondi Beach

Australias Surfing Capital. The beaches around Bondi are famous around the world. Featuring a long sloping bottom leading towards beaches that face directly out to sea the condition is perfect for inviting in swells that provide long rides. Bondi Beach is a typical ocean front resort with the added advantage of being only a shortContinue reading “Todays Featured Poster • Bondi Beach”

Port of Call Adelaide Australia

The City of Adelaide in South Australia was founded in 1836, and was named after King William’s wife. After the trouble England had with Australia’s first penal colony settlement, a group including Edward Wakefield, a British politician, advocated for establishing a town populated by English settlers, rather than criminals. Designed as a colony for religiousContinue reading “Port of Call Adelaide Australia”

Australia’s Bondi to Bronte Coastal Walk

Not far from downtown Sydney, Australia is an almost mile long sweep of sandy beach, tucked inside quarter-moon shaped bay with a gently sloping bottom that creates a year long season of good surfing conditions. This is Bondi Beach. While the waves provide surfing for long distances they average only between 2 and 3 feetContinue reading “Australia’s Bondi to Bronte Coastal Walk”

Cleland Wildlife Park Adelaide – Kangaroos, Koalas and Emus Oh My…

Cleland In The News: Cleland Wildlife Park has pitched in to rescue animals from the recent horrific wildfires. More koalas have been translocated from bushfire-ravaged Kangaroo Island and will be housed at Cleland Wildlife Park to add to the recently established disease-free insurance population. The translocation was carried out by Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary and ClelandContinue reading “Cleland Wildlife Park Adelaide – Kangaroos, Koalas and Emus Oh My…”

The Blue Mountains of Australia

A Sydney Day Trip to the Blue Mountains On a visit to Sydney, Australia we set aside a Sunday for a rail trip to the Blue Mountains. From the Sydney Central Station to Katoomba Station is about a two hour trip and if you go and return on a Sunday the trip is a superContinue reading “The Blue Mountains of Australia”

Art Festival at Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach, Sculptures By The Sea On a recent trip to Australia we spent a day at Bondi Beach outside of Sydney. It turns out that besides being a nearby beach resort and a great surfing venue, Bondi is famous for the largest free sculpture exhibitions in the world. A sculpture event known as SculpturesContinue reading “Art Festival at Bondi Beach”