Todays Featured Poster • Haleakala Hawaii

Haleakalā National Park located on the island of Maui in Hawaii. The park is named after the dormant volcano that covers over 33,000 acres. Climbing out of the Pacific Ocean to the parks tallest peak of Puʻu ʻUlaʻula at 10,023 feet, it is one of the few places on the planet where you can travelContinue reading “Todays Featured Poster • Haleakala Hawaii”

Thera/Santorini And the Death Of A Civilization

You’re standing on the deck of a cruise ship near Santorini, Greece that’s anchored in the middle of a ring of islands. The near island’s sheer cliffs rise almost a six hundred feet right out of the water. You are looking at the aftermath of the largest explosive event in all of human history. OverContinue reading “Thera/Santorini And the Death Of A Civilization”

Lost In Europe, a Volcano and Diving for Coins

A Short Story There are times when you experience something that just stays with you. This account involves a couple of things that still remain vivid to this day. In the 60’s while in the Mediterranean I spent a few days in Taormina, Sicily as part of a group of Navy divers. I think theContinue reading “Lost In Europe, a Volcano and Diving for Coins”