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Thera/Santorini And the Death Of A Civilization

You’re standing on the deck of a cruise ship near Santorini, Greece that’s anchored in the middle of a ring of islands. The near island’s sheer cliffs rise almost a six hundred feet right out of the water. You are looking at the aftermath of the largest explosive event in all of human history. Over […]

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The Port Of Nassau, Bahamas

A favorite port for three and four day cruises out of Florida as well as returning longer cruises, Nassau has a lot to offer. Where You’re Ship Docks Cruise ships dock at Prince George Wharf, sometimes as many as five are there at once. The wharf is located right in downtown Nassau with a large […]

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Visiting the Port of Nassau

A popular port on 3 to 5 day cruises out of Florida, Nassau and the Bahamas have a lot to offer with fantastic beaches and great diving and snorkeling. Find out more…