Images And Icons Of Yellowstone

Photographic impressions from our travels… Above: Grand Prismatic Springs. Right: The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and the lower Yellowstone Falls. Mammoth Hot Springs one of the most unusual formations on EarthĀ  The Boiling River heated by large hot springs that pour into theĀ Gardner River Above: The Upper Geyser Basin at dusk near Old Faithful.

Chihuly Glass Compliments A Tropical Garden

Traditional glass art usually involves utility, tradition, symmetry. Dale Chihuly‘s work represents a departure from traditional glass art not just in concept but in scale. Chihuly created a new way of working glass, using gravity and spinning forces to work large molten glass. Even if you don’t recognize the name you’ve probably seen his work.Continue reading “Chihuly Glass Compliments A Tropical Garden”

Georgia Wine Drive

On a recent late summer we took a couple of weeks driving around the north Georgia mountains, hiking and visiting wineries. Georgia wines were a pleasant surprise. In general, their quality was good and the wineries were fun to visit. We had planned this trip for the spring but than had to postpone and didnā€™tContinue reading “Georgia Wine Drive”

Images of Alaskan Glaciers

Photographic impressions from our travels near and far… In the neighborhood of the North Pole – A Land of Flowing Ice – The bright blue color in the glaciers comes when pristine snow falls on the ice fields and is compressed over thousands of years by the weight of new snow falling year after year.Continue reading “Images of Alaskan Glaciers”

Visiting Mount Rushmore

American History, Alive in the Stone of South Dakota Lately national patriotism seems to be only worthy of contempt by some people. I’m not sure what a community becomes if it stops celebrating the people and events that contributed to making it what it is? In many instances the monuments themselves can leave us overwhelmedContinue reading “Visiting Mount Rushmore”

Walking Savannah, GA

Savannah is an incredible city worthy of a couple of days of urban hiking. There’s something to see on virtually every block with the whole city a treasure trove of colonial architecture and historic sites. Add in great food and libations at every turn that are guaranteed to more than replace any calories you mayContinue reading “Walking Savannah, GA”

Winter Garden – In The Shadow Of Orlando

A Cute Town With A Juicy Past Orlando is a massive metroplex with dozens of suburban towns that include Walt Disney World in the west and Winter Park in the Northeast. Within the Orlando orbit and located twenty miles due north of Disney World is the town of Winter Garden. It was a thriving townContinue reading “Winter Garden – In The Shadow Of Orlando”

Old Spanish Sugar Mill, De Leon Springs, Florida

The Old Spanish Sugar Mill, A Griddle House Restaurant Located ten miles north of DeLand Florida and only twenty five miles west of Daytona Beach is a Florida park named De Leon Springs and inside the park is a truly unique restaurant. The Old Spanish Sugar Mill must be doing something right since they haveContinue reading “Old Spanish Sugar Mill, De Leon Springs, Florida”

Lessor Known Attractions in Florida

A Few Small Museums and Attractions Well Worth Some Time There was a time when small roadside attractions where the highlight of family road-trips. While they have been overshadowed by the mega-parks and major resorts, there are still a number of roadside gems that you should explore – amazing little pieces of history encased inContinue reading “Lessor Known Attractions in Florida”

Visiting Florida Springs For A Great Day

People have been vacationing in Florida for a very long time and it’s the beaches and weather that first attracts them, but once here many people discover that the state has a lot more to offer. Long before the theme parks took center stage many visitors and Floridians alike flocked to the states unique naturalContinue reading “Visiting Florida Springs For A Great Day”