Florida’s Hillsborough River State Park

Wilderness And Recreation In A Park Near Tampa Go Take A Hike / Kayak or Canoe We were twenty miles east of Tampa and realized we were a couple of hours ahead of schedule for our next stop. Seeing a directional sign on the interstate that indicated Hillsborough River State Park was at the nextContinue reading “Florida’s Hillsborough River State Park”

A Florida Town Built By A Circus

After over forty years in Florida we finally made the time to visit Sarasota Florida and spent a day at The Ringling. The estate is focused on the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art but the estate is actually a 66-acre museum complex featuring the State Art Museum of Florida, The Circus Museum andContinue reading “A Florida Town Built By A Circus”

Everyone Loved A Circus!

This weekend we went to the circus – not a modern Cirque du Soleil, but an old fashion Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus style extravaganza! It is appropriately located in America’s circus home town, Sarasota. The Howard Bros. Circus is a ¾-inch-to-the-foot scale replica of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus locatedContinue reading “Everyone Loved A Circus!”

Georgia’s Callaway Gardens for An Old Fashioned Family Summer

When I was a child my family spent summer weeks in the Appalachians hiking, fishing and just laying back. The world seemed to move slower back then with days spent on simple pleasures. Rocking on the porch in the evening. Taking a bike ride along a wooded trail. Canoeing across a mountain lake. Wouldn’t itContinue reading “Georgia’s Callaway Gardens for An Old Fashioned Family Summer”

Images Of A Walk In A Botanical Garden

Photographic impressions from our travels… The garden is laid out as a walk on a woodland trail and features sitting areas, a natural stream and a lily pond. The Atlanta Botanical Garden in Gainesville is located about 50 miles northeast of Atlanta. It’s been developed over the last ten years and offers a concert seriesContinue reading “Images Of A Walk In A Botanical Garden”

Images From A Florida Keys Drive

Photographic impressions from our travels… Some states are blessed and Florida is especially blessed with some of Americas best beaches, but if you’re into boating and water-sports there is no place better in North America than the Florida Keys. Noted for North America’s only coral reefs the incredible keys offer amazing boating opportunities, incredible fishingContinue reading “Images From A Florida Keys Drive”

Hawaii – Tips On Planning A Trip

Hawaii is a destination on many peoples bucket list and rightly so. It is America’s Paradise, exotic but also genuinely American, distant but not too distant and an amazing blend of tropical waters, incredible beaches and unbelievable geology. There are eight major islands in the Hawaiian archipelago and each one has its own unique character.Continue reading “Hawaii – Tips On Planning A Trip”

A Fast Lane Through U.S. Immigration

A bit of an introduction on U.S. Customs & Immigration – On an average year we are passing through Customs & Immigration well over a half dozen times. A few years ago, when returning to the United States, there weren’t a lot of choices. You would fill out our custom form before arrival, pick aContinue reading “A Fast Lane Through U.S. Immigration”

Images Of An Evening Walk In Savannah

Photographic impressions from our travels… One of our favorite cities, Savannah is a very walkable place. Historic, vibrant while very laid back. Evenings in Savannah are magical with locals and visitors strolling the walking malls and parks and sitting at outdoor cafes.

Key West, Something A Bit Different

Spending Some Time In Key West Florida Still can’t book a cruise or plan a distant vacation because of the pandemic? Consider an exotic island destination that’s even easy to drive to. Consider taking a trip down that string of islands known as the Florida Keys to the Conch Republic also known as Key West.Continue reading “Key West, Something A Bit Different”