A Visit To Colonial Williamsburg

Our recent trip included a visit to Colonial Williamsburg on our way South, a living-history museum in the city of Williamsburg, Virginia. The area is an interesting blend of American history and popular tourist attraction. The colonial town is the anchor of a historic triangle in Tidewater Virginia that includes a restoration of the JamestownContinue reading “A Visit To Colonial Williamsburg”

A Savannah Evening and the Chart House

Just this past week we spent a night in Savannah on our way home from our two week mountain trip. Savannah, Georgia is near the top of our list of favorite American cities and heading south on interstate 95 we just couldn’t pass up a night in this fabulous place. Our hotel was only aContinue reading “A Savannah Evening and the Chart House”

The Blue Ridge Parkway’s Mabry Mill

Mabry Mill – Just north of Roanoke on the Blue Ridge Parkway is one of Parkway’s most popular attractions, Mabry Mill. The mill is a water powered gristmill with a farm located at MP (mile post) 176 of the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia. The area featured stop offers a popular restaurant and includes aContinue reading “The Blue Ridge Parkway’s Mabry Mill”

Blue Ridge Hiking At Peaks of Otter

One of the first tourist centers in the Blue Ridge Parkway was The Peaks of Otter dating back to the mid nineteenth century. Today it includes camping, a hotel, restaurant and Visitors Center with a number of interesting trails to hike. One, the Johnson Farm Trail takes you past a restored mid-1800s farm. The JohnsonContinue reading “Blue Ridge Hiking At Peaks of Otter”

Elk In The Appalachians • An Encounter

It’s been some time since I read anything about the reintroduction of elk into the North Carolina mountains and I hadn’t given it any thought when planning our Blue Ridge Parkway trip. It was an unexpected encounter when we found elk in the forest. Reintroduction of elk into Great Smoky Mountains National Park began inContinue reading “Elk In The Appalachians • An Encounter”

Two Military History Museums

Most country’s histories are, to a significant extent, defined by war and in that regard the history of their military is an integral part of the nations story. On two recent trips we’ve taken the time to visit some remarkable museums. Both are incredible facilities that don’t just recount history but do it in aContinue reading “Two Military History Museums”

Visiting Where The United States Was Born

The United States of America owes much of what it is today to a strip of land between the James and York Rivers as they flow into the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia. This strip of land is where the first successful English colony was established in America, was one of the locations where the politicalContinue reading “Visiting Where The United States Was Born”

Traveling The Blue Ridge Parkway • Day 5

Fall Colors On The Parkway As Fall approaches the leaves of trees begin to go through a change as chlorophyll production slows and eventually stops. The old chlorophyll in the leaf begins to decompose, and when it’s all gone, the leaf’s underlying color is exposed. Nights becoming progressively cooler is one of the major triggersContinue reading “Traveling The Blue Ridge Parkway • Day 5”