Revisiting The Disney Vacation Club

The Disney Vacation Club and How It Works Forward: We purchased a membership in DVC back in 2009 and the truth is our experience is somewhat unique. Generally there are three options for acquiring DVC memberships; you can purchase “points” directly from Walt Disney, you can buy someone else’s points (usually through a broker) orContinue reading “Revisiting The Disney Vacation Club”

Love Locks Continue To Spread

Is It A Statement of Love or Vandalism? A SHORT STORY We weren’t aware of love locks before about a decade ago but recently as we travel we often come across collections of padlocks attached to bridges, fences and other public structures. It wasn’t difficult to figure out what was going on by all theContinue reading “Love Locks Continue To Spread”

Marksburg Castle, Germany

Standing above the town of Braubach, Germany on the banks of the Rhine, is Marksburg Castle, an imposing and historic fortification. The castle was erected to defend the surrounding countryside but also to control the trade that passed through the region on the Rhine river. Of the over three dozen castles along the river, MarksburgContinue reading “Marksburg Castle, Germany”

Liberty Ships – Little Pieces of History

Above The USS Alstede 1965 Get to Know Some Old Liberty Ships There are ships that, having been retired (decommissioned) are now serving as living history museums dotted around the U.S. and the world. There are ships like the aircraft carrier Intrepid a Sea, Air & Space Museum in New York City. The submarine USSContinue reading “Liberty Ships – Little Pieces of History”

On Blogging Part 6 – The Delusion

Maybe it’s time to face reality… This site has been my hobby ( at I was a photographer, an engineer and a business owner with a fair amount of success in each. For the past decade I’ve been retired, and now in my seventies I live to travel. Six continents, over 80 countries andContinue reading “On Blogging Part 6 – The Delusion”

Geography Trivia

You probably wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t an avid traveler so here’s a fun diversion with some interesting observations involving world geography and records. U.S. Coastlines More than half of the coastline of the entireUnited States is in Alaska. 33,903 miles Number two is Florida at 13,576 miles and Louisiana is three atContinue reading “Geography Trivia”

Dubrovnik, Croatia & the Game of Thrones

The Old City of Dubrovnik is where much of Game of Thrones was filmed and that has greatly added to the appeal of this already popular tourist destination. A short walk thru this town quickly shows why it was selected as a backdrop for this popular HBO series. Scenes from the show take in theContinue reading “Dubrovnik, Croatia & the Game of Thrones”

On Blogging 5, Internet Sales and A Concerns

I’m more and more concerned about where the internet is taking us as a culture and what the end game might look like? Travel is still my escape for about four months a year and probably what keeps me semi-sane. When I’m home I confess, I’ve become way to involved with the web. On anContinue reading “On Blogging 5, Internet Sales and A Concerns”

Salvage Dawgs In Roanoke

We’ve been big fans of the show Salvage Dawgs for years. It ran from 2012 for eight years on HGTV and as we planned a trip up the Blue Ridge Mountains a year ago we had to make Roanoke a stop for an afternoon at their store Black Dog Salvage. For all those years theContinue reading “Salvage Dawgs In Roanoke”

Budapest, Hungary

Don’t Miss An Opportunity To Visit Budapest We can’t say enough about Budapest. It’s a beautiful place and it’s easy to get around in with an efficient and extensive public transportation system. The heart of the city is the Danube River with its banks adorned with magnificent buildings from the Parliament building to Buda Castle,Continue reading “Budapest, Hungary”