On A Dock At Sunset Eating Seafood

A Short Story and a Few Reviews We’ve lived in Florida for over 40 years and we love the state. I spent much of my life either on the sea or under it and if you’re a water person there’s no better place to be. Beaches, coral reefs, lobsters and for years our favorite getawayContinue reading “On A Dock At Sunset Eating Seafood”

Old Spanish Sugar Mill, A Florida Tradition

The Old Spanish Sugar Mill, A Griddle House Restaurant Located ten miles north of DeLand Florida and only twenty five miles west of Daytona Beach is a Florida park named De Leon Springs and inside the park is a truly unique restaurant. The Old Spanish Sugar Mill must be doing something right since they haveContinue reading “Old Spanish Sugar Mill, A Florida Tradition”

A Great Hungarian Restaurant In Budapest

Klauzál Café & Restaurant – Klauzál u. 23, 1072 Budapest, Hungary Spending time with friends in Budapest recently our plan was to try Hungarian food as much as possible. Our hotels were located in Lipótváros and Inner City districts, both near St. Stevens Cathedral. Most of the popular restaurants in the area were located onContinue reading “A Great Hungarian Restaurant In Budapest”

Drinking Beer In Prague

Beer, History, The Czech Republic, Prague And Bohemia There are dozens of funny T-shirts and bumper stickers claiming that you should drink beer rather than water but it seems in Prague they take the notion seriously. In addition to a centuries old tradition there is a very practical reason to do so in the CzechContinue reading “Drinking Beer In Prague”

Hamburgers Conquer Central Europe

Budapest Having spent time in Budapest just five years ago it was a bit of a shock seeing the recent changes. On our last visit we were amazed by the “most beautiful McDonalds in the world” (HERE) and the city seemed to have a McDonalds every few blocks. There were also a few Burger KingsContinue reading “Hamburgers Conquer Central Europe”

Pub Hopping & More in Dublin

Temple Bar in Dublin is famous. Many people mistakenly think it actually as a bar and while there is a Temple Bar Pub the whole area is actually Temple Bar. The origin of the name is in the seventeenth century with a famous Dubliner, Sir William Temple who was the provost of Trinity College. Sir TempleContinue reading “Pub Hopping & More in Dublin”

Port of Call San Francisco

Visiting San Francisco And Fishermans Wharf If you’re coming to San Francisco to catch a cruise or visiting as a cruise port of call, San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf is a great starting point. While the wharf is an exciting area there are also a number of adventures and excursions that depart from here. Catch aContinue reading “Port of Call San Francisco”

Rome’s Enotecas / Wine Bars

After a long day walking thru the sights of Rome with maybe a late lunch on the Via Veneto what would be better than finding a wine bar for happy hour – just the perfect finish to a great Roman day. Italian wine bars are called Enoteche, an Italian word derived from a Greek wordContinue reading “Rome’s Enotecas / Wine Bars”

Searching For The World’s Best Hot Dogs

As American as hot dogs and apple pie is how the expression goes but here are some great hot dogs you have to leave the United States to get. There was a joke among business flyers years ago about the South. “If you die in the South you cannot go to Heaven without first connectingContinue reading “Searching For The World’s Best Hot Dogs”

Coffee in Rüdesheim, Germany

East of Frankfurt on the Rhein River is the very picturesque town of Rüdesheim Germany with a local hot coffee drink that has helped make the town famous. Rüdesheim am Rhein in the heart of Rhine wine country is a town that has become maybe too cute for words. A favorite day trip destination forContinue reading “Coffee in Rüdesheim, Germany”