Our Florida Keys

Places And Restaurants in the Keys When coming to the Florida Keys most new visitors have expectations of Sun, sand and crystal clear water along with great fresh seafood. The reality can often be somewhat different. First, the Keys are a collection of small islets and islands (keys) with many surrounded by thick mangroves. RunningContinue reading “Our Florida Keys”

Rome’s Enotecas / Wine Bars

After a long day walking thru the sights of Rome with maybe a late lunch on the Via Veneto what would be better than finding a wine bar for happy hour – just the perfect finish to a great Roman day. Italian wine bars are called Enoteche, an Italian word derived from a Greek wordContinue reading “Rome’s Enotecas / Wine Bars”

A Hotdog in Vienna

Street Food Is Sometimes A Good Option We became”pen pals” with an Austrian couple after cruising with them a while back. In one of many e-mail exchanges, we told them we would be visiting Vienna which prompted them to send us a list of things to do while there. High on the list was aContinue reading “A Hotdog in Vienna”

Eating the Florida Keys

Favorite Restaurants in the Keys Coming to the Keys most people are looking for Sun, sand and water with fresh seafood being a good expectation. Our suggestion is to approach Keys seafood with a simple rule – “the simpler, the better”. Florida’s waters are famous for Florida lobsters (also called spiny lobster or Caribbean lobster)Continue reading “Eating the Florida Keys”