Making Use Of Our Location Maps

Most of The Intentional Traveler’s destination articles provide custom created Google Maps showing the locations of major points of interest, public transportation with nearby destinations, cruise piers or tender docks and good shopping sites. We switched to this approach a year ago and have also been updating older posts. Want to transfer these custom GoogleContinue reading “Making Use Of Our Location Maps”

Emergency Travel Kits

We’re now getting back to traveling and we’re heading to Europe in just a few days, so it’s time to pull out our travel packs and take inventory. Our trips are usually from about two weeks to over a month and we always carry an emergency kit. Often the contents can seem trivial but experienceContinue reading “Emergency Travel Kits”

A Travel Medicine Cabinet

“Plan for the worst, hope for the best.” If you travel there is always going to come a time when you catch something. If you travel much internationally you are going to encounter times when buying over the counter meds in a foreign country can be a challenge and there are occasions when they’re justContinue reading “A Travel Medicine Cabinet”

Some Flying Health Advice

Keeping Safe While Flying Note: In the times of the Covid pandemic there is actually a bit of good news for air travelers. First, people are much more aware of the risks of contagion when flying and the airlines are taking more precautions. Also with all the emphasis on mask wearing you will no longerContinue reading “Some Flying Health Advice”

Useful Apps For International Travel

Ten Great Travel Apps You Should Consider Where would we be without our phones? Every day we use them to navigate, take photos, send and receive email, play music, surf the web and who knows what else. They’re cluttered with dozens and dozens of apps and often we cringe when some store, restaurant or bankContinue reading “Useful Apps For International Travel”

What’s In Your Wallet? Emergency ID?

A Small Price To Pay For Peace Of Mind If you travel, especially internationally, you really need to carry an Emergency Information ID Card. This handy series of ID cards provides space for emergency contact information, details on medications, allergies, medical conditions and doctors contact number. Oddly, none of that information is found on yourContinue reading “What’s In Your Wallet? Emergency ID?”

International Cell Phone Service 2022

Keeping up with options for cellular international calling requires constant attention to services and available plan options. U.S. based cell service is usually a costly option when traveling outside of America and, from experience, we’ve found it is often not the most reliable option*. Before you leave on a trip, contact your carrier to findContinue reading “International Cell Phone Service 2022”

Houseplant Care For Extended Traveling

If you have indoor houseplants, they require care when you are away and extended trips can take a toll on houseplants. Unlike cats and dogs, there is no kennel where you can take your houseplants and pay for someone to make sure they get the light and water they need. If you have good neighbors,Continue reading “Houseplant Care For Extended Traveling”

Practical And Fun Cruising Accessories

LOOKING FOR A GREAT BON VOYAGE GIFT? Looking for a great bon voyage gift? Want some solid ideas to make your cruise experience even more enjoyable? We’ve curated a number of great items to help you make a splash! Bon Voyage Ideas! Our extended family has done some cruising and it is a family traditionContinue reading “Practical And Fun Cruising Accessories”

Great, Little Known Cruise Hacks

Getting Money Off Your Onboard Account If you have cruised much you have probably experienced onboard credits on your account. They can happen in a number of ways from refunds, advance payments, incentives or gifts. In some cases those credits will evaporate at the end of your cruise if not used. Rather than going onContinue reading “Great, Little Known Cruise Hacks”