Travel & Money, Money, Money

Converting Cash And Using Cards Plastic money is now one of life’s major conveniences but when traveling internationally there are a number of things to look for and do to prevent getting ripped off. Using Credit Cards Is Your Card Travel Friendly? – Before you travel check your credit card institutions policies on foreign currencyContinue reading “Travel & Money, Money, Money”

Don’t Become A Pack Horse While Traveling

What you need to pack when traveling is a topic that generates a lot of discussion and there are a number of extreme positions. Ever seen that couple at airport baggage check-in with seven or more suitcases? What’s in those suitcases? There’s also the person that comes to the international air terminal carrying only aContinue reading “Don’t Become A Pack Horse While Traveling”

All About International Hotel Rewards Programs

Like everything else, the hotel/hospitality industry has evolved over time in size and approach to marketing. They’ve grown from a handful of major names like Hilton and Holiday Inn, each with a reputation based on the market segment they try to serve, into mega-corporations. These newer brands feature large collections of brands ranging from economicalContinue reading “All About International Hotel Rewards Programs”

Cruise Loyalty Programs

Like airlines and hotels, cruise companies want you to be a frequent customer and they have developed a number of plans to entice you to keep coming back. With names like The Captain’s Club, Mariner Society and Latitude, they generally structure their programs so the more you come back the more status you attain onContinue reading “Cruise Loyalty Programs”

Avoid Alien Encounters While Traveling

There are all kinds of aliens out there. Alien hotel rooms, alien electric receptacles. It’s terrible being lost and disoriented in a strange hotel room or cruise cabin in the dark of night. It’s interesting to note that night lights aren’t a common part of American hotel rooms and traveling overseas – forget it. InContinue reading “Avoid Alien Encounters While Traveling”

The TSA Rules

The TSA is the United States Transportation Safety Administration and it is currently responsible for inspecting all passengers along with any items they intend to carry onto all commercial airliners taking off from U.S. Airports. TSA also operates inspections at some foriegn airports for flights coming to America. After our Sequined Top post we gotContinue reading “The TSA Rules”

Cruising From Athens Port Of Piraeus – A Guide

Athens International Airport is a good distance east of Athens with the port of Piraeus even farther away. Still there are a number of options for getting to your cruise ship on your own, especially if you plan to spend some timein Athens before your cruise. Athens Airport to Piraeus Port by Bus The cheapestContinue reading “Cruising From Athens Port Of Piraeus – A Guide”

Prague’s Main Train Station

Prague Central Train Station Navigating Prague’s Main Station Both arriving and leaving Prague by the Main Station can be somewhat confusing, but it isn’t as bad as first impressions usually suggest. The station is very large with three main levels including North and South platform areas. Entrances to the station are on two levels thatContinue reading “Prague’s Main Train Station”

Travel Magazine Vol. 2 No. 7

In This Issue Using Credit Cards When Traveling Debit Cards And Travel Finding Bathrooms July 2022 Travel Tips Converting Cash And Using Credit Cards Plastic money is now one of life’s major conveniences but when traveling internationally there are a number of places where you need to know what to avoid to prevent getting rippedContinue reading “Travel Magazine Vol. 2 No. 7”

Visiting Budapest Summer 2022

We love Budapest and were eager to return, so when a chance presented itself we were off. This city has everything from the worlds most beautiful cityscapes, incredible historic sites, amazing shopping districts and a lifestyle that includes lots of outdoor cafes. If you come to Budapest an absolute must is a walk along theContinue reading “Visiting Budapest Summer 2022”