How To Get The Most From WDW Transportation System

Planning a vacation to Walt Disney World. Understanding the Disney World transportation options can help a lot with your plans. Information on Monorails, boats and Sky Cars and the hotels associated with each.

How To Get To Your Florida Cruise Port

Additional Links For Information On Florida Cruise Ports Port Canaveral Parking Shuttle from MCO to Canaveral  Alamo Port Canaveral  Cruising from a Florida port? Find information on transfers from airport, taxis, rental cars, port parking, and shuttles. Save money while planning your cruise vacation.

TSA & Customs – Skip Those Lines

TSA, Customs & Immigration Options Everyone hates the lines going through TSA checks as well as re-entering the country (USA) after a trip. There are a number of options available to speed up these processes with various costs and features. TSA Security Lines and TSA Pre✓® Getting a TSA Pre✓® indication on your boarding passContinue reading “TSA & Customs – Skip Those Lines”

Hong Kong Map

If you’re visiting Hong Kong for a few days or visiting on a cruise don’t hesitate to take advantage of this cities fantastic metro system. It’s clean, easy to understand and most signage includes English. The people are also friendly and eager to offer assistance. Hong Kong is an incredible city with a great metroContinue reading “Hong Kong Map”

The NY Subway

Our approach to tourist maps is to simplify the information as much as possible and point out a number of key destinations in relationship to the rapid transit systems. We have produced a number of our maps for major cities in pdf files that can be downloaded, saved and/or printed. If you are intending aContinue reading “The NY Subway”

Airline Baggage Fee Listings

DOMESTIC AIRLINE BAGGAGE FEES United Airlines Checked Bags 1 – $25 to $30, 2 – $35, 3+ – $150 Overweight Bags 1 – $100 to $200 Oversized Bags 1 – $200 Carry On 1 allowed – Free United Basic Economy Service- Full-sized carry-on bags are not permitted – You’re not allowed a full-sized carry-on bagContinue reading “Airline Baggage Fee Listings”

Our Map Collection

All maps are not the same… We are big fans of public transportation but as we travel the one mistake we routinely make is not giving any thought to maps until we actually arrive in a new city. Every major city has literally hundreds of maps available but oddly it is sometimes difficult to locateContinue reading “Our Map Collection”

Air Travel Tips

Keeping Safe While Flying There’s a love-hate side to travel. Being there is great but getting there not so much. Long distance flights are usually no fun at all, especially if you are like us and fly coach. With a price difference on international flights as high as ten times we feel the pain isContinue reading “Air Travel Tips”

Airline Baggage Fees

Since publishing this article two years ago we have received a number of requests for an easy pdf version of our Baggage Fee chart that can be download.  You can now easily open and download a copy by clicking the link below.  Link To BAGGAGE FEES pdf To stay current, we try and update thisContinue reading “Airline Baggage Fees”