International Cell Phone Service 2020

Current cell phones are one of modern life’s miracles, but they also present multiple issues in international travel especially for Americans. U.S. based cell service is usually a costly option when traveling outside of America and, from experience, we’ve found it is often not the most reliable option. Before you leave on a trip, contactContinue reading “International Cell Phone Service 2020”

Safe Travel Isn’t An Accident • An Update

Safe Travel Tips There are some real horror stories out there and we’ve heard a few. The ones you really don’t want to hear are the ones told by family and friends and they’re usually about travel adventures gone wrong. After a couple of decades traveling around the world like us, you’re bound to learnContinue reading “Safe Travel Isn’t An Accident • An Update”

Google Versus TripIt – Continues

July 16th Update: Today I received another email from TripIt informing me that there is a problem with Gmail and I need to reset the connection. Odd how these things work? July 1st Update: A couple of hours after this posted I got a reply from TripIt saying they had been in touch with GoogleContinue reading “Google Versus TripIt – Continues”


Travel Apps, Records And Plans Google Travel Intrusive or helpful? It’s all a matter of perspective. If you have a Gmail and a Google account, you already have this feature working for you if you know it or not (we didn’t). It seems that any travel confirmation that comes to you through your Gmail isContinue reading “AN ITINERARY TRAVEL APP”

Great Finds In Travel Gear

We spend a quarter to a third of our time traveling and we have become very skilled at picking what makes sense to carry and deciding what should be left behind. Size and weight matter a lot and multi-purpose items are golden. We’ve carefully selected these products for utility and value and those marked withContinue reading “Great Finds In Travel Gear”

TSA and the Cute Sequined Top

A Cautionary Tale My wife has a sequined top that she has worn while traveling a few times. I don’t believe there is anything seriously metallic in the sequins and it has made its way through a number of airport metal detectors. But on a recent trip all hell seemed to break out over thisContinue reading “TSA and the Cute Sequined Top”

A Traveler’s Medicine Chest

Travel Medications and Being Prepared Our first line of defense is improving our immune system before we get sick and that starts with vitamin C. Several weeks before a trip we start taking it. Around 1970, Nobel prize winner Linus Pauling (chemistry and the Peace Prize) popularized the theory that vitamin C helps treat colds.Continue reading “A Traveler’s Medicine Chest”

Staying Healthy While Traveling

Healthy Travel Part I Flying There’s a love-hate side to travel. Being there is great but getting there not so much. Long distance flights are usually no fun at all, especially if you are like us and fly coach. With a price difference on international flights as high as ten times we feel the painContinue reading “Staying Healthy While Traveling”

Travel Tips and Technology

As we travel we’ve made some mistakes and have learned a few things over the years as we have planned itineraries. Avoiding issues with TSA, U.S. Customs and Immigration, jet lag and loyalty programs. Hopefully our experiences can help you avoid delays, save money and help you get ready for your next adventure. More articlesContinue reading “Travel Tips and Technology”

Google Versus TripIt

July 1st Update: A couple of hours after this posted I got a reply from TripIt saying they had been in touch with Google and were hoping for a resolution soon. 24 hours later I received another email from Google saying they were in error in blocking TripIt – so never mind… Almost two yearsContinue reading “Google Versus TripIt”