The Worlds Ten “Must Visit” Cities

The world is full of great cities, think Paris, Tokyo, Rome, Rio, and everyone has their own favorites. While we’ve visited a couple of hundred we do have some real favorites and we’re still exploring with, hopefully, a long way to go still. I’m not real sure what makes a city so appealing but I think many have some similar characteristics.

Thinking about our choices of favorite cities we noticed a few things they seemed to have in common and it surprised even us. Maybe you’ll figure out what they are?

1. Sydney

We love this city for a number of reasons. One big reason is the Opal card and the metropolitan transit system. It can take you out to Bondi Beach and incredible surfing or to the Blue Mountains for great scenery and hiking. You can take ferries all around the huge natural harbor and get all around the city from the nightlife in The Rocks to dinner and sunsets at Darling Harbor. There’s so much to see and do.

2. Budapest

This city is a close tie with Sydney. Great people, restaurants (goulash soup is a new favorite), a lively nightlife (ruin bars!) and some of the the most spectacular cityscapes you’ll find anywhere. This is a sophisticated, modern city and the Danube at night is unbelievable.

3. Singapore

This is one of the worlds most modern cities. Things don’t get old here they just tear them down and build something new. There are some historic temples and notable structures but they are overshadowed by fantastic skyscrapers and fancy new attractions. Theme parks, two incredible gardens, beaches and large public spaces. Another draw is a great metro system. One of the most modern, inexpensive and fast.

The city is a fantastic blend of many cultures with an Indian and Chinese sections and the official language is English.

4. Vancouver

Vancouver might not be on a lot of lists but we truly love this city too. Maybe it’s a matter of size and location because this city has a lot to offer in a reasonably compact area. Gaslight area for restaurants and nightlife, Chinatown is a city in its own right with countless restaurants. Situated near to wilderness areas and a great wine region with good ferry service over to Vancouver Island and a number of coastal towns.

5. Amsterdam

Famous for its anything goes attitude this city is at the same time surprisingly conservative. Built on a series of canals that arc around the central city there is a lot of history here. If you are planning a visit, go in the spring when the tulips are in bloom and don’t miss a visit to the Keukenhof, Europes biggest flower show with acre after acre of tulips on display.

6. Honolulu

Island cities are, by their very nature, not large but Honolulu is an exception. Maybe it’s because so many people discovered they can live in paradise and still have the excitement of a major city. Honolulu sits on one of the worlds truly great beaches, Waikiki, right next to upscale resorts and shopping. The island of Oahu also features a lot to see from the North Shore surf to Pearl Harbor.

7. Venice

This city of palaces, cathedrals and canals almost can’t be described in just words. It was a leading European economic and trading power from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. At its height it held significant territories along most of the Dalmatian coast of the Adriatic Sea, and islands like Crete with all that wealth flowing back to Venice. Much of its glory survives even today.

8. Bangkok

The jewel of Southeast Asia, Bangkok is a magnificent blend of history and the modern. Its heart is the Grand Palace complex established in 1782, it consists of not only royal and throne halls, but also renowned Temples like the Reclining Buddha and Emerald Buddha. The Thai people are incredibly friendly, the food is fantastic and the city has some great hotels and restaurants.

9. Jerusalem

For a city that has spent most of history being conquered by armies going to someplace else this is possibly one of the worlds most significant spots. Jerusalem is of major importance to three great religions drawing pilgrims from all over the world. Just walking the streets and passageways of old Jerusalem is an overwhelming experience.

10. Let’s Hear About Your Favorite City?

Add your choice below…

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