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Advice on things to do and available choices to get the most from your onboard experience.


Unique fashions designed for the cruising life along with a number of recommendations for handy items to take along when you cruise.

Learn what to expect in ports of call before you sail. Plan ahead and get the most from your days in port.


Save on booking your cruise. Avoiding costly mistakes in cell phone and internet usage, help on getting to the cruise ship, booking shore excursions and much more.


Reviews and information on cruise lines, ships, sailings and itineraries to meet your particular needs and interests.

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Ports Of Call

Featuring information on dozens of popular cruise ports of call from Alaska, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, literally all around the world. Where your ship docks, how to get into town, public transportation and popular sites and attractions. Good things to know before you go.

A Special Gift Just For Visiting Today

For a limited time you can download our Guide To Mediterranean Cruising for FREE. You can add this digital guide to your laptop, tablet or e-reader. Great information to plan your Mediterranean cruise and take along as a helpful reference.

Download your copy today • this is a limited time offer.

Cruising Life

Ideas and information on everything cruising. Tips on selecting a cruise ship, itineraries, staterooms, onboard communications, shore excursions and much much more…

The Ships Store

Bon Voyage gifts, useful things to make your cruise even better and our very own line of fashions and accessories.

Disclaimer Regarding Shopping With Us: Most items in the Ships Store are provided with links to merchants selling these items online. We do not receive any compensation or commission for items that you buy unless noted in the listing. Our fashions and accessories are our own creations and we do derive income from your purchases.

Take a new approach to cruising fashion with Cruise Life. Our team has focused on creating designs that will not only look good on the pool deck but also fit in for dressing up for cocktails, dancing and going ashore. Stylish, sophisticated and fun fashions for the cruising life.

Welcome Aboard, Let’s Go Cruising!

Approaching Lands End, Cabo

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