Mountain Landscapes – A Gallery

Wilderness, amazing National Parks, incredible mountain vistas, recreational destinations for hiking, camping and climbing, and diverse mountain terranes are all part of our experiences. Here are a few of our favorite mountain destinations…

They have always been called the smokey mountains and for good reason. The mix of the climate and the old rounded mountain landscape seems to be perfect for the development of morning fog. As the mornings wear on it takes a long time for the Sun to reach into the valleys and burn off the fog. The Smokey Mountains of North Carolina.

The native Americans named these rugged peaks teewinot which was later shortened to Tetons by the Europeans. They are part of the ancestral homeland of the Shoshone people, who used the Native word teewinot meaning “many pinnacles” to describe the range. The Teton National Park is right next door to Yellowstone Park in Teton County, Wyoming.

Called The Alaska Range these mountains include Denali Mountain (formally Mount McKinely), the tallest peak in America and actually the tallest mountain in the world when measured from its base to peak top. One of the most challenging mountains to climb it attracts climbers from around the world.

It’s obvious where Australia’s Blue Mountains get their name and they are only a short train ride out of Sydney. With their incredible views, great hiking trails and nearness to a major metropolitan area they’re a favorite day trip for local residents.

Named Tierra del fuego or the “land of fire” by explorers, this end of civilization with the worlds most southern city. It is also the southern end of The Pan American Highway. Across the Beagle Channel from the Tierra del Fuego National Park is a rugged range of mountains with the tallest peak named Monte King Scott. Rarely visited with only a handful of climbers attempting the challenge.

In Antarctica due south of Tierra del fuego in South America is Paradise Bay. It sits on a peninsula its backbone being a range of rugged mountains. Because Antarctica has been so unexplored there are very few named peaks on the continent. Paradise Bay is becoming a popular destination for adventure travel expeditions and cruise ships.

Utah brags about having the most National Parks in America and Zion boasts some of the most rugged peaks as well as some of the most diverse terrain. Any planned visit to the parks of Utah should set aside several days to explore Zion National Park. One tip is to look into trail reservations with the National Park Service as some trails require them.

Utah features some of the most beautiful landscapes in America from parks like Arches, Capital Reef, Canyonlands and Bryce. Whatever time you allocate to visiting Utah parks it won’t be enough.

Traveling from sea level to 10,000 feet at the summit of Haleakalā is only a few miles as the crow flies but probably an hours drive switching back and fourth as you climb. The Hawaiian island of Maui is actually two volcanic cones joined by a small piece of flat land. The larger volcano to the southeast is Haleakalā featuring miles of fantastic hiking trails through a truly otherworldly landscape.

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