Port of Call Esperance, Australia

Esperance is 434 miles southeast of Perth but in a world all its own. Esperance is a remote town in the south east of Western Australia. Because of its remoteness the town has a self contained character with the next significantly sized town being 275 miles away. Also, Esperance is not located on any major highway meaning it is actually the destination for most town visitors. The town has taken advantage of the ‘destination’ character and the surrounding area by developing a significant tourism industry focused on the remarkable beaches and incredible scenery.

One of Esperance’s major claims to fame is that on July 12th 1979 America’s space station, Skylab fell out of orbit with pieces raining down on the area.

Where Your Ship Docks

Because the town is the only port facility for several hundred miles of coast, it hosts a developed deep-water port. Smaller cruise ships can tie up at the towns pier but larger ships will be required to tender in with only a short walk into town.


There is no public transportation in town but it does offer a couple of rental car options. If you would like to tour the area on your own there are a couple of rental car agencies in town. Avis has an office in Esperance, where you can select from a range of car options and seasonal specials but it’s recommended that you make a reservation in advance.


Australia has its own Dollar (A$) and US Dollars are generally not accepted. Most major credit cards are welcome and there are ATM machines available in town. The recent exchange rate is about A$ 0.81 = US$1.00.


The amazing scenery of Esperance attracts Australians from all over the continent. Clear turquoise waters wash up on miles of white powder beaches, kangaroos freely roam the area and a nearby island has a lake so pink, it challenges belief.

There are a few tours available and attractions in the area that include the Esperance Stonehenge, the Great Ocean Drive circular loop recommended for seeing the beautiful coastal scenery and perhaps a walk or swim at some of Western Australia’s best beaches.

Esperance Walking Tours – is a pleasant stroll thru Esperance’s past by local guides. Discover the cultural and historical points of interest around Esperance. An easy walk on flat terrain.

The Esperance Stonehenge is the only full size replica of the original UK Stonehenge in the world. It appears as the original would have looked around 1950BC and consists of 137 stones of Esperance Pink Granite that were quarried locally.

Esperance Eco-Discovery Tours – an Award winning tourism business that offers Unique Four Wheel Drive Beach Tours. Limited availability.

The town beaches and the nearby National Parks are a major attraction and if you’re looking for some beach time you can’t do any better than Esperance with its pristine white sand and some of the clearest, bluest water anywhere.

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