Juno Beach Florida Sea Turtle Rescue

Animal rescue is a seriously needed service and animal rescue and rehabilitation centers are a great way to educate people on the importance of wildlife and the threats they face in our modern world. Spend some time traveling around and you will discover any number of remarkable facilities that are worth a visit and especially support with money and volunteers. From wild bird rescue to manatee hospitals and dozens of others, and these mostly volunteer operations fill a genuine need. Sea turtles are a special category all their own and the biggest threat is issues surrounding their nesting areas.

If you find yourself on the southeast coast of Florida there’s a facility you should add to your list of things to see. Located in Juno Beach near the ocean it’s the Loggerhead Marinelife Center. The facility is located just south of the Juno Dunes Natural Recreation Area between US 1 and A1A and is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of all sea turtles.

Kids are especially attracted to the exhibits and the live turtle pens but there’s something here to appeal to everyone. The Center includes a medical facility dedicated to helping sea turtles, a number of holding ponds for rescued turtles, an aquarium display room, a playground and an interesting gift shop, all situated in the middle of a nice park area. The center is also working on a huge expansion project that still needs some contributions to complete.

The Marinelife Center in Juno Beach, Florida is a major rescue and rehabilitation center for sea turtles and is open to the public. A great experience!

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