Taking Advantage Of Repositioning Cruises

In the early twentieth century most ocean liners were luxury transportation getting people from one part of the world to another. Trans-Atlantic cruises were the most common but there were routes covering the entire globe. Today cruise ships are a whole lot more than just transportation and they have cruising seasons around the world’s in many popular regions.

A repositioning cruise traditionally is when a cruise line needs to move their ships from one seasonal location to another. Winter is high cruising season in the Caribbean while Europe is a Summer market. For that reason several dozen cruise ships head out east across the Atlantic every Spring and back west in the Fall. These Atlantic crossings are by far the most common repositioning cruises but there are repositioning cruises in other markets. They include in the Fall Alaska cruise ships leaving to get back to the Caribbean or west across the Pacific. A late Summer reposition movement goes down to South America in the Fall and back north in the Spring.

Just a decade or two ago these cruises were tremendous bargains but even today they represent opportunities to spend a week or more cruising at really good savings. The down side of these cruises is that on average you spend seven to nine straight days at sea. The up side is that the ships provided the same entertainment, the same great cuisine and the same attentive service. Additionally most of these cruises also provide a port of call or two at each end of the cruise.

Lately, as cruising gets more popular and more people become frequent cruisers the ships have less trouble filling those repositioning cruise cabins and the pricing has often adjusted upward as a result. Even so, if it’s the cruise experience you enjoy these cruises are still a good value considering the length of the cruise relative to price.

Royal Caribbean at anchor Grand Cayman

In addition to those values these cruises offer, some cruise lines offer additional programs for passengers to help fill those sea day stretches. These range from art and craft classes and demonstrations to lectures on a number of topics. In these programs you’ll find artists, college professors, art historians, archaeologist, naturalists, adventure travelers and explorers.

If you love cruising and are looking for new cruise opportunities, take a little time and explore repositioning cruises.

Featured here is a typical offer from Royal Caribbean for a November 2022 sailing from Barcelona to Fort Lauderdale…

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