Laem Chabang, Bangkok’s Cruise Port

Laem Chabang The Cruise Gateway to Bangkok, Thailand

Cruising in the South China Sea is becoming increasingly popular which normally includes one or two ports of call in Thailand.

Thailand is one of the most advanced and open nations in Southeast Asia, once known as Siam. It is bordered by Myanmar (Burma) to the north, Laos to the northeast, Cambodia to the southeast and Malaysia on the south along the isthmus. Thailand is a constitutional monarchy, and tourists are welcomed with open arms by these friendly people.

Where Your Ship Docks

Most cruise ships dock at the port of Laem Chabang on the Gulf of Thailand, a full two hours south of Bangkok, the nation’s capital.

Inside the Grand Palace Complex

Smaller ships can dock at Klong Toey on the Chao Phraya River, on the outskirts of the city of Bangkok.

Terminal facilities at Laem Chabang

This port is located along the southeast coast and serves primarily as a working industrial port. While there are supposed to be facilities being developed to include a terminal, as of early 2022 there is not much available for cruise passengers.

Wheelchair Accessibility

Disembarking – This is a working industrial port without a cruise ship pier. Disembarking varies by the individual ships gangway design and a steep ramp or even stairs can be encountered. For passengers using wheelchairs there can be a difficult time disembarking.

Port City Characteristics – This port is a working port providing a number of obstacles to walking out. Usually taxis and vans are allowed onto the docks which helps if you have a destination in mind. Outside the port wheelchair infrastructure is typical of large cities. The waterfront and near port area has moderate inclines in sidewalks but the city itself can be more difficult. Intersection crosswalks may have curbs or other wheelchair obstacles.


The main reason for cruise ships docking at Laem Chabang is to visit Bangkok. There are a number of options available to get into the city but it is almost a 100 mile trip. The good news is transportation options are reasonably inexpensive. Getting into Bangkok by taxi take about two hours and should cost about $40 each way. While there is bus service costing about $7.50 we’ve known people that tried the buses and eventually gave up trying to catch the right bus and hired a taxi.

The roads and highways in Thailand are very well maintained and if you want to go it alone and see some of the countryside there are good car rental services. One rental company near We’ve always been amazed with Thailand’s highway rest stops usually lined with a half dozen or more American franchises. that comes highly recommended is:

Take it Easy Bike & Car Rental

Address: 329/48, Soi Pattaya New Plaza, 50m off 2nd Road, Opposite Soi 7 – Soi 8, Central Pattaya, Pattaya 20150 .                      Phone: 089 007 7804    Rental cars can be arranged ahead of arrival for pick up at the port through their web site above.

Hertz also has a rental office in Laem Chabang and cars at the port can be reserved on the Hertz web site.


Thailand uses the Baht at an exchange rate to the U.S. Dollar of one Baht equals about 3¢. While most credit cards are welcome if you are going to spend a day or two in Bangkok it is recommended that you exchange for currency for local Baht.


The capital city of Bangkok is the big attraction, with the best place to start being the Grand Palace grounds. This is the central sightseeing attraction in the city, and it’s overwhelming in its historical significance and stunning architecture. The grounds are packed full with royal palaces, temples, and history, the highlight is Wat Phra Kaeo, Temple of the Emerald Buddha. A relic within this temple is said to be a piece of bone from the Buddha himself. While there you also visit the Temple of the Reclining Buddha, its official name is Wat Phra Chetuphon Vimolmangklararm Rajwaramahaviharn and it measures 135 feet long. Allow a number of hours to do the Grand Palace grounds. In addition try and fit in a visit to the famous Wat Po and Wat Arun, the Temple of the Dawn rising above the Chao Phraya River. Another popular attraction is seeing the city from the river and on the canals with numerous options.

Thailand is also famous for floating markets where goods are sold from boats. Originally developed when rivers and canals played an important role in daily life, most floating markets operating today serve primarily as tourist attractions.

Maeklong Railway Market

One unique market outside Bangkok is the Famous Maeklong Railway Market. It is located in a congested town and sits right on an active train track. As trains approach vendors pull back their awnings and displays with only minutes to spare and are right back in business as soon as the trains pass. A unique experience as you stand there with train traveling only inches away.

While there are tons of cultural and historic attractions to see in Bangkok and the people are remarkably polite and friendly be aware of con artists; they frequently prey on tourists. Though the cruise port is a good distance from the city, venturing into the the city to see the sights is something that shouldn’t be missed.

Temple of the Dawn

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