Lima Peru And El Malecón

Looking For A Fantastic Urban Hike?

Without doubt the best walking trail in a major metropolitan area is the Malecón in Lima. It’s a six mile trail along the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

El Malecón—Lima’s scenic cliff top walkway is an amazing coastal path, which stretches for about six miles, in three sections. High above the Pacific Ocean, it’s centered on the Miraflores district and passes through several districts starting in the south as Malecon de la Reserva in Barranco. Heading north it crosses the Villena Rey Bridge near the Malecón Cisneros that’s home to the upscale and very popular Larcomar Shopping Center. The center offers a large number of shops, restaurants, a bowling alley and a cinema and is a major attraction in Miraflores. El Malecón ends at Malecon de Marina in the north. The whole length of El Malecón is a popular route for joggers, and cyclists and numerous Lima residents out for a stroll to enjoy the views and the ocean air.

Eight impressive parks are spaced along the Malecón featuring flower gardens and sculptures. North of the bridge are two popular parks one being Parque del Amor with its large sculpture “El Beso” (“The Kiss”) by Peruvian artist Victor Delfín. It features a man and a woman locked in a passionate kiss. The actual park is said to be inspired by Parc Güell in Barcelona, which was designed by Antoni Gaudí in 1926. A bit farther is the larger Parque Antonio Raimondi. The largest park on the Malecón de la Marina, the northernmost section of the Malecón, is Parque Miguel Grau, dedicated to Peru’s greatest naval hero.

Love locks are popular here too

The view from inside the shopping center

Below the cliffs stretching for over eleven miles is an expanse of Pacific beaches. Lima residents make full use of their beach with regular concerts and numerous sports events and the bay provides a perfect environment for world class surf that attracts surfers from around the world.

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