The NY Subway

Our approach to tourist maps is to simplify the information as much as possible and point out a number of key destinations in relationship to the rapid transit systems. We have produced a number of our maps for major cities in pdf files that can be downloaded, saved and/or printed. If you are intending a trip that includes New York this should help in planning. This New York map is focused specifically on Manhattan.

About 6 million passengers use the New York Subway system daily, making it the busiest rapid transit system in the United States and the seventh busiest in the world. The first underground line, which became the IRT Ninth Avenue Line, opened on October 27, 1904, almost 35 years after the opening of the first elevated rail line in New York City.

The least expensive way to move around Manhattan is to use the subways. Most of the lines run north and south with some east west trains. Grand Central is where most lines converge, allowing for easily switching lines without leaving the system. All lines offer both local and express train service so it’s important to know your destination and if it is an express station. Each fare allows you to enter the system and exit once with as many train changes as needed.

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