Get Out There – Even Farther Out There

There once was a time when vacations were two weeks at the beach or mountains and an ultimate trip was a whirlwind tour of Europe. Those were our parents holidays, now experienced travelers are looking for longer and more exotic adventures and travel companies are eager to help. Use the links below to visit some websites to explore your adventure options.

Antarctica – Who ever thought that visiting Antarctica could be a vacation? Today Antarctica has a tourism industry. Over the past decade visitors to the frozen bottom of the world have numbered around 32,000 per year with 10,000 coming by cruise ship. Cruise ships provide all the luxury you’d expect but if you’d rather get up close to some wildlife look into expedition cruises with Hurtigruten or Antarctica Adventures.

The Galapagos – A unique group of islands off the coast of Ecuador with amazing wildlife. There isolation and incredible animals inhabitants inspired Darwin to develop his Origin of Species theory. These islands are growing so much in popularity as a travel destination that cruise lines have developed a fleet of smaller ships just to sail the Galapagos. You can also design an independent vacation and stay at one of the Galapagos hotels.

India – For Westerners India is still one of the most exotic travel destinations and perhaps that’s why lately it’s growing in popularity. Visiting India is much like saying your going to vacation in America – it is huge, being almost one third the size of America but with four times the population. It is also alien to most Westerners from its food, to the religion, culture and its ancient history. If you want to visit it’s recommended that you take it one small piece at a time and start your planning through one of the countries highly rated tour companies. You will also discover that more and more cruise itineraries are now including port calls in India.

The Northern Lights – Journey to the home of beluga whales, polar bears and in winter the amazing phenomenon of the northern lights or the aurora borealis, meaning “north wind of the dawn”. An event destination that stretches from Alaska across Canada to Iceland and Norway. Explore tours on the Alaska Railway to Fairbanks and the Aurora Borealis basecamp or a winter cruise to the top of Norway inside the Arctic Circle.

Explore Lost Civilizations Like Petra, Valley of the Kings, Angkor Wat and the Cities of the Maya. Mysterious and exotic places are out there and most are accessible to explorers of all ages. You know you want to go. All you need to decide is how to travel and when to go.

Petra is over two thousand years old it’s a city carved out of solid rock. It is not known precisely when Petra was built, but the city began to prosper as the capital of the Nabataean Empire from the 1st century BC, at the cross roads of the trade in frankincense, myrrh, and spices.

In a land of myth and legend are the burial grounds of the oldest and greatest kings of Egypt . These places exist in the collective imaginations of the world and seem almost impossible to occupy a place in the real world. The most impressive of Egypt’s ancient monuments lie in the Valley of the Kings.

Angkor Wat, the eighth wonder of the world, with the intricacy and symbolism of the Taj Mahal and the scale and symmetry of the Egyptian pyramids. The temple will inspire and amaze you and leave you in awe. A place that needs to be experienced in order to believe.

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