Our Cruising Collection

A collection of articles to help you get the most from your cruise. Featured posts on selecting the right itinerary, saving on booking your cruise, what to expect in ports of call, selecting the right stateroom, onboard communication options and more…

Cruise ships rated, basic information on size and number of passengers, year entered service and last refurbishment and inks to most current cruise ship web pages.

From the Caribbean to Alaska, Europe, Asia, Australia and everywhere in between there’s an itinerary to fill everyone’s wish list.

Cabin choices, when you book, what perks are available are just some of the things that impact your cruises cost. Learn what to do to save money when booking your cruise.

All cabins are not the same and at times position is important. Learn what to look for and what cabins to avoid.

Every cruise line has a frequent cruiser program. See why you should be a member and which programs are the best.

Learn what to expect in each cruise port of call. Where you dock, how far to town, local transportation and things to see and do.

Cell phone service in the middle of the ocean can be very expensive but there are ways to stay in touch without costing a fortune.

Occasionally issues involving the Jones Act will come up. Here we explain what it all means with a tip or two about dealing with it.



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