The Port of Reykjavik, Iceland

Above: Hallgrimskirkja (the Presbyterian Cathedral) in the center of the city.


Port Location & Facilities – Cruise ships will normally dock at port facilities outside of town. Reykjavik is usually the supplier of shuttle service into town with a round-trip fare that seems somewhat over priced (this is probably related to the high cost of living in Reykjavik). If you don’t mind walking (weather permitting) there is a nice paved walk along the shore into town of only about two miles. There is no cruise ship terminal so ships have to make use of boarding ramps. For people with walking issues and wheelchairs it can be difficult.

The Opera House on the waterfront

City Character – Reykjavik is a beautiful city centered on its waterfront. It features a beautiful Presbyterian Cathedral as its centerpiece with nice shops, restaurants (be sure and have a Icelandic hot dog).

The view from the Reykjavik waterfront

Nearby Trips – One of the nearest attractions is the Blue Lagoon. There are hourly bus transfers to and from Blue Lagoon from Reykjavík and a package that includes round-trip fare and admission should be under US$60. To get out and see the real wonders of Iceland you will need to rent a car (rental cars are not very expensive) or book a day tour. The most popular trip is the Golden Circle.


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