In Barbados, A Walk Along The Sea

A Great Beach Hike (Stroll) In Barbados

This island nation is blessed with some of the worlds best beaches and has a beach to meet virtually everyone’s taste and budget. North along the coast from the Capital city of Bridgetown on the central west coast is a long stretch of beaches washed by the Caribbean Sea. In the middle of this is one of the islands most exclusive resort areas with the most famous resort being Sandy Lane. Down on the Southeast coast, on a stretch of shore lined with some cliffs, are still a number of great smaller beaches and resorts. Check out The Crane Beach and the upscale resort by the same name. On the central Atlantic coast is a rocky stretch of beaches noted for the best surfing in the Caribbean and centered around Bathsheba. South of Bridgetown is another long stretch of beautiful white sand beaches lined with cafes, restaurants and resorts with a nice walking trail.

A restaurant along the Boardwalk

Those beaches south of Bridgetown offer the islands best stretch for seaside walking. Barbados calls it a boardwalk and while there are a couple of actual stretches of wooden boardwalk it is mostly a wide and attractive sidewalk running near the beach. The Richard Haynes Boardwalk starts near Bridgetown along Hastings Rocks and runs for a little over a mile down to Accra beach. Roundtrip the hike is about two and a fifth miles with a number of good opportunities to replace those calories you may have burned off. The scenery is fantastic and there are numerous opportunities to stop have a drink or grab something to eat at a number of good restaurants that line the boardwalk. Take your time, stop often and sit and enjoy the Caribbean Sea views or take advantage of the many beach coves for a swim or sun bathing.

Accra is a beach area noted for smaller beach resorts, a number of good restaurants, some fast food outlets, sports bars and beach shops. Back towards Bridgetown you’ll pas the Hilton and Radisson beach resorts and Bayshore Beach with the famous Harbour Lights Club and Bar.

The Richard Haynes Boardwalk is one of the best hikes in paradise!

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