An Urban Hike In St. Thomas USVI

A St. Thomas Walking Path From Havensight into Charlotte Amalie

View from Paradise Overlook

This is more an urban hike with a special interest to passengers on cruise ships tied up at the West Indian Company docks. Centered on an area known as Havensight it is only about a mile walk into the west end of downtown Charlotte Amalie from the docks. If you are into hiking this is a well paved walkway that runs along the sea and through a few interesting areas.

From the West Indian Company dock walk away from the water toward the Havensight buildings and turn left on the first major passage and head toward Charlotte Amalie. You will be passing a number of duty free shops, food concessions and markets along this two block stretch. As you get near the water again the walkway into town is directly ahead on your left. For one of the best views of St. Thomas you can also take a right turn instead and cross Edward W. Blyden Road to the Paradise Point gondola base station and ride up to Paradise Point overlook.

On the water within a hundred feet or so of picking up the walkway you’ll find yourself in Yacht Haven Grande with luxury yachts tied up in the marina and shops along the walkway. At Yacht Haven you will find the shopping is much more upscale with a number of nice restaurants like a sushi bar, a Mexican cantina, Fat Turtle and Blue Eleven.

Yacht Haven Marina
Ft. Christian

After Yacht Haven the walkway runs along the water with Veterans Drive on your right for about a half mile until you get to Fort Christian. The historic Danish fort watching over the harbor is operated by the National Park Service and is open to the public. As you walk along this part of the trail you’ll also see Bluebeards Castle Resort standing above you on the hilltop. With the Fort Christian on your right on the other side of Veterans Drive the V.I. Legislature buildings will be on a point of land on your left. Just past the fort is Vendors Plaza, a street market filled with locals selling their crafts and souvenirs. Vendors Plaza is also where most of the shuttles into town from the West Indian Company dock let off their passengers.

Bluebeards Castle
Creque Alley

Going past the fort the walkway down Charlotte Amalie’s main waterfront continues on for an additional half mile. Along the waterfront crossing Veterans Drive takes you into the main shopping district that extends about three blocks inland up from the waterfront. Charlotte Amalie offers numerous streets and alleys leading up from the water. These alleys are an important part of the towns landscape with each one being a mini-mall lined with cafes, restaurants, galleries and shops. One block up, running parallel to Veterans Drive is Curacao Gade (Street) the main shopping thoroughfare in town.

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