Dunmore East, Ireland A Port of Call

Dunmore East is the cruise ship port that serves the city of Waterford. It’s a quant seaside village with a few galleries, gift shops and restaurants and some very nice walking trails along the coast. It is a bit isolated however and transportation options are few. It is also a tender port as there are no docks capable of handling cruise ships. The harbour itself services mostly small fishing boats and pleasure craft.

Transportation – Dunmore East is a small village with limited available transportation. Most cruise ships will offer tours into nearby Waterford. The trip into Waterford is about fifteen miles and some ships will provide a shuttle service.

Taxis – The quickest way to get from Dunmore East to Waterford is a taxi which costs about €32 each way and takes 19 minutes.

Bus Service – There is also bus service between Dunmore East and Waterford (Central Station) and takes less than a half hour. The fastest bus normally takes 22 min. Operated by Suirway, the Dunmore East to Waterford (Station) bus service departs every hour to hour and a half from Dunmore East and arrives in Waterford near the Tourist Information Office. One way fare runs about €2.

Money – Ireland (the Republic) uses the Euro and generally do not accept the British Pound. It is Northern Ireland that is part of the United Kingdom and uses the Pound.

Attractions Nearby – Other than enjoying the scenery of a small seaside resort village the only local attraction is Lafcadio Hearn Japanese Gardens about 8 miles west of town. Most of the points of interest associated with Dunmore East are to be found in the nearby city of Waterford. They include:

The House of Waterford Crystal with its tours, restaurant, and retail store and the Waterford Medieval Museum. The museum includes a number of artifacts from the medieval period along with remains of some period buildings and the original city wall.

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