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Created by frequent cruisers for both novice cruisers and experienced cruisers alike. Take your time, explore this Cruise Life section, we think you’ll find it interesting.


Start planning your cruise with us, explore ships, cruise lines, itineraries, ports of call and tips to save money when booking, using cell phones at sea, selecting a stateroom, taking shore excursions, day trips and much more…

Please bear with us as we’re remodeling the Cruise Life section of The Intentional Traveler. Check back again soon or better yet join us.

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Our New Look – Step One

We’re updating our look and this is our newest landing page. We’d love to get your feedback, What do you think? OUR STORY We’re Judi & Dennis, a retired American couple that traveled the world for years with our business. In retirement we can’t seem to shake that wanderlust and are fortunate enough to beContinue reading “Our New Look – Step One”

Needful Travel Things

We’ve been dedicated travelers for several decades. Our trips average about thirty days each and we’re gone about four months out of each year. While Covid slowed us down a bit we’re getting back to it again and we’re dusting off our travel essentials. When we travel our basic packing includes two carry-on sized suitcases,Continue reading “Needful Travel Things”

“So many things are possible just as long as you don’t know they’re impossible.”

Norton Juster

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