Skagen, A Watch And A Town

Did you know you can buy a Skagen watch in Skagen, Denmark? Very fashionable and admired Skagen watches are sold the world over. Generally they are stylish, thin and not outrageously expensive. So if you find yourself visiting Denmark, maybe a stop at Skagen, Denmark would seem a natural thing to do. Skagen (pronounced as if the g wasn’t there), Denmark is a smallish port located on the Jutland peninsula and Denmark’s northernmost town. Besides having a watch company named after it, Skagen is also noted for its scenery. On the northeastern outskirts, Grenen Beach is at the convergence of the Skagerrak and Kattegat seas.

Watches in the Skagen Store

Walking through town keep your eye out for THE Skagen watch shop. We visited on a cruise and maybe the shop wasn’t accustomed to the number of people a cruise ship can deliver to their door, or at least that is how they acted. First you had to select a watch and get the help of a sales clerk to answer questions and write up your order. Not efficient, but so far so good.

Next you had to wait in line to pay at the counter and that is where things really broke down. Two or three hundred customers times ten to fifteen minutes divided by the two cashiers meant you are going to spend the day here.

Town Square

At the time of the visit we really didn’t know much about the watches other than we liked them. We should have done our research. The watches are made in China and use a Japanese Miyota quartz movement. They have never been made in Skagen. The company was founded in 1989, the company has always been based in the United States. Started by Henrik and Charlotte Jorst, who moved from Denmark to the US in 1986. According to Wikipedia , the company, Skagen Designs Ltd. was named for Skagen, Denmark , with the stated corporate aim to present honest, simple, purposeful designs and thus share Danish ideals globally. After locating the Danish-owned clock and watch manufacturer, Comtech Watches, a supplier that could manufacture watches at a lower price through its Hong Kong factory, the Jorsts began designing their own watches.

Welcome to Skagen

Today Skagen is a subsidiary of Fossil, which agreed to buy Skagen Designs and its international affiliates for about $236.9 million in cash and stock in 2012. While you can claim that we bought your Skagen watch in Skagen you may discover that you paid manufacturers list price. The truth is you could save considerable time and money buying the same watch at a duty free shop or a discount store anywhere, even in Skagen.

Before leaving Skagen do some shopping. Look for Glaspusterblaeser, a great glass blowing shop in an old post office building located at Sct. Laurentii Vej 13. They offer number of hand blown Christmas ornaments that make great gifts along with some interesting glassware.

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