The Map Room

Navigating on our cellphones is great but it does have shortcomings. Over the years we’ve collected a number of maps and marked them up with attractions and routes to follow. We have also combined and modified maps before our trip to simplify understanding a place. Here we provide a number of these modified maps that cover major cities, a number of metro transit systems, parks and hiking trails. They’re easy to download and print (pdf files) to help with your plans. Click on each map to set-up the download.

Seeing Budapest using public transportation – Budapest is a wonderful city with a remarkable public transportation system. Modern light rail and subways can take you all around the city.

The Trains of Metro Rome Rome is a large metropolitan area with commuter trains servicing the international airport, the historic center and the seaport of Civitavecchia. Using public transportation can save time and money.

Bus routes on Maui, Hawaii – This island has an incredible public bus system that will take you around the whole island (no service through the National Park).

Hiking Trails Near Old Faithful – A favorite destination in Yellowstone the area around Old Faithful Lodge has a number of fantastic hiking trails.

Key West Florida is an American original – Easy to get around on foot with the heart of this town being a joy to explore.

Public transportation Sydney Australia – A fantastic, modern city with a great public transportation system that includes regional trains, light rail and a fleet of ferries.

Driving Oahu and seeing the attractions – Oahu is an island you need to drive around to really see. Also there are a couple of worthwhile bus routes that service Honolulu and the Pearl Harbor area.

Walking tour of Florence – City walking tours are all the rage and this one lays out a self-guided tour of this city south of the Arno River.

Rome’s Metro System – A simplified guide to Rome’s Metro system from the port of Civitavecchia to the International Airport.

The Forum in Rome – A 3D map of this ancient Roman site.

One day tour of Rome – A guide to hitting the major attractions in Rome with just 8 hours on your own.

Savannah Georgia is one of America’s great cities and perfect for seeing on foot. This map as a quick pocket reference on what to see and how to get there.

Paris Metro – a simplified guide – The Paris Metro is world renowned and here we offer a simplified system map focused on the main tourist destinations.

Singapore Metro Map – Inexpensive, incredibly clean and efficient, this city’s metro is one of the best in the world.

Disney World Transportation Systems– Larger than New York’s Manhattan the Disney people have provided an efficient system to get you around that incorporates buses, boats, monorails and cable cars.

Tourist Guide to Singapore bus routes – In addition to the Metro there is a modern fleet of mostly double-decker buses that can take you around the central city, along the coastal Marine Parade area to the airport.

The Trails of Iguazu Falls Argentina This park has over 30 miles of trails and it’s important to know which ones are the most spectacular to help get the most from your visit.

The New York subways are a fast way to see Manhattan and this map eliminates everything but the Manhattan stops and the locations of major attractions.

Yellowstone National Park is the size of the state of Delaware and you need a plan before you get there. Here are 5 major attractions along with key driving routes.

Utah Driving Park Tour – Utah has the countries largest collections of National Parks along with some great state parks. This map is a guide to driving Utah to see the national Parks.

The Acropolis in Athens – A 3D map of this ancient site.

Mendenhall Glacier – Hiking trails around the glacier and the glacial lake.

Historic Williamsburg is a must visit if you’re an American history enthusiast. This map is a great guide to seeing the historic district.

Hiking Haleakalā National Park – Hiking trails on Maui’s great volcano.

Amsterdam has a great transit system and getting familiar with it is a great way to get a head start on seeing the city. Be sure and get multi-day tickets.

Hong Kong has one the world’s best metro systems. Plan your day ahead of time while you familiarize yourself with the city.

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