More Great Florida Attractions

A Number Of Florida Attractions Really Worth Checking Out

Florida has always been a popular American vacation destination, especially when winter winds start blowing up north. Today when people think of Florida their thoughts turn to theme parks, beaches and destinations like the Florida Keys. While visiting Florida has a long history, back in the day Florida had more than its share of roadside attractions that drew crowds. Places like Cyprus Gardens, Weeky Wachee Springs, The Citrus Tower and Seaquarium were sought out on Florida vacations. While many of these famous attractions have faded away there is still plenty worth seeing on Florida’s back roads.

Welcome to Florida and some of our favorite out of the way sights. Each listing has a link where you can find out more.

Cedar Key Where Old Florida Lives On

Located way north on Florida’s West Coast is an island noted mostly for fishing with a touch of galleries and gift shops. Welcome to Old Florida.

Hillsborough River State Park

East of Tampa, north of I-4 is another piece of old Florida. A state park with a river running through it that’s perfect for canoeing and kayaking.

Florida’s Circus Town

The Winter home of Ringling Brothers circus, the town still celebrates the age of the circus at the Ringling Estate featuring museums and art galleries.

A Famous Restaurant And A Florida Spring

One of Florida’s major springs is a park with a famous restaurant where you cook your own pancakes at your table.

A Famous Mansion In DeLand

The hat tycoon Stetson built his home in DeLand Florida and funded a university that bears his name.

Florida Is Home To Some Amazing Wildlife

Find out about some of Florida’s great animal rescue programs. Visit sea turtles, birds of prey and manatees while seeing Florida.

Visiting A Historic Ship In Tampa

Building ships was one of America’s greatest achievements in World War Two. Visit one these American Liberty Ships.

Florida’s Roadside Museums and Parks

From A CCC Camp Museum to the Navy UDT – SEAL Museum there are dozens of fascinating collections worth spending some time looking into.

Glass Bottom Boats At Silver Springs

One of Florida’s original great attractions, Silver Springs is now preserved and operated by the Florida Park Service.

Florida’s Incredible Natural Springs

Florida has dozens of large natural springs perfect for canoeing or taking a cooling swim.

DeLand Florida, A Town Reborn

Deland is a remarkable town with a large revitalized downtown, a great zoo and a number of worthy attractions.

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