Port of Call Skagen, Denmark

The Marina “Fiskepakhuse”

Skagen (pronounced as if the g wasn’t there), Denmark is a smallish port located on the Jutland peninsula and is Denmark’s northernmost town. Besides having a watch company named after it, Skagen is also noted for its beach, sand dunes and scenery.

Town Square

Where Your Ship Docks

Skagen has docking facilities for large cruise ships right at the towns charming fishing harbor and marina with fishermen selling their catches and good restaurants within the famous old “Fiskepakhuse” market. There are public facilities within a short distance of the pier and the center of town itself is within a half mile walk.

Welcome to Skagen

While ashore in Skagen do some shopping. Look for Glaspusterblaeser, a great glass blowing shop in an old post office building that’s located at Sct. Laurentii Vej 13. They offer a number of hand blown Christmas ornaments that make great take home gifts along with some interesting glassware.

There is also a Skagen watch store selling the designer watches, which took their name from the town. SEE MORE HERE.


Skagen is a small town without a need for public transportation and while there are a couple of rental car agencies there really isn’t much reason to go outside the town and the nearby beach.


The currency of Denmark is the Danish Krone with the Krone fixed to the Euro. Credit cards are welcome and there are available ATM machines.


 On the northeastern outskirts, is Grenen Beach at the convergence of the Skagerrak and Kattegat Seas. The area is famous for the swirling currents and shifting sand bars.

The Dune of Råbjerg Mile– This is a migrating dune, Råbjerg Mile,and is more than a half mile wide and over a half mile long, it is made of roughly 3.5 million cubic yards of sand, and is 120 feet high. The dune migrates around 50 feet towards the Northeast each year. All attempts to stop the migrating dune have failed and it is expected to cut Skagen off completely in a century or so.

The Sand Church – In the dunes on the west side of Skagen stands the tower of the old Sct. Laurentius Church, today known as ‘The Sanded Church’ rising from the sand dune. For four hundred years Sct. Laurentius served its congregation, until drifting sand started to block the road, cemetery and in 1795 the congregation was forced to to the drifting sand and the church was closed.

The Sand Church

The painters of Skagen are famous and “Skagensmalerne” is the name of the artist colony, with artists being attracted to Skagen since the 1870s. They have portrayed the life in Skagen, the rough living conditions of the fishermen and the local scenery making both Skagen and North Jutland a popular art destination. The painters brought their talent to Skagen and painted what they saw there. Much of this art is now on display in Skagen’s Museum that contains almost 2,000 sculptures, drawings and paintings from the period from 1870-1930.

The Skagen Bunker-museum enables you to explore a genuine German war time bunker. Today the bunker is laid out as a modern war museum, and inside the bunker you can find a film room, operations room, soldiers, uniforms, weapons, etc.

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