Legoland Florida Appeals To Youngsters

Less than an hours drive from Disney World is another theme park with special appeal for the three to eight year old set and it won’t bust the family budget. Located on the grounds of the old and iconic Cypress Gardens this Legoland has a decidedly Florida flavor.

 While it has a few nice thrill rides like an old fashioned roller coaster and a drop tower ride, the bulk of the entertainment is intended for a younger and more timid crowd. Lego cars and a Lego train ride. A mechanical Lego horse track (above) bumper boats (below) and even a kiddie sized roller coaster.

We spent a day in Legoland with our six year old grandson and he had a fantastic time.

Everybody loves Legos and even the senior citizens in the group were impressed with the Lego constructed model settings. They included the monuments of Washington D.C., Key West Florida and the Kennedy Space Center. In addition there were pirate fleets and Star Wars scenes and all were amazing displays. As you travel thru the park there are Lego built full size animals and characters at every turn. Monkeys sit in trees, deer and otters stand in a woodland area with a lake and waterfalls. It really is a lot to take in for just one day.

There is also a water show at the lake where the water-skiers of Cypress Gardens preformed but this time it is Lego characters on skies and in mini speed boats . It was a fast paced action story that even kept the younger kids attention. All in all a good time was had by all.

A Two Day Legoland Experience

Legoland also has three resorts attached to the park. A new Pirate Island Hotel, the LEGOLAND® Hotel and one focused on the thrifty family called the LEGOLAND Beach Retreat. We spent a night there just to see what the resort was all about and it more than gains the approval of its intended guest demographic – young children aged two to ten.

While the rooms are cinderblock constructed duplexes, with their bold painted block scheme, they look just as if they are made of giant Legos. Each accommodation features a king bed in the main room along with a smaller kids room featuring bunk beds. Decorations are all Lego with a beach theme. The duplexes are clustered around villages with each village featuring a playground in the center At the clubhouse building there’s a kid friendly restaurant, a swimming pool and a large lighthouse feature. In the evening the restaurant features photo ops with meet the Lego characters. There’s also a swap desk for trading Lego character figures.

LEGOLAND Beach Retreat

Some adults might be critical of the discount character of the Lego Beach Resort but the intended target customer seemed thrilled with their time there. It was like a fun kindergarten recess rolled into a family vacation!

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