Explore With The Intentional Traveler

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

Caio, buenos dios and welcome to all YOU wanderers and dreamers. Join us as we offer up reflections on where we’ve been and dream about where we’re going next.

Ancient streets, natural wonders and exotic cultures are waiting to experience…

Come along and join us as we travel around the world and offer ideas on amazing places, natural wonders and incredible cruise itineraries.

While we know that subscribing to yet another email list is probably the last thing you want to do, we promise we’ll do everything we can to make this one worth your while. No spam or selling your address and if we don’t live up to your expectations, just cancel at any time.

Exploring destinations from Australia to Reykjavik, Antarctica to Singapore

Over eighty countries, hundreds of cities, dozens of National Parks and over fifty cruises, please join us as we continue our journey.


The cruise life is becoming more popular by the day, as people are discovering the value and opportunities in cruising. For luxury travel there’s no better way to explore the world than on a cruise ship. Join us as we explore the Cruise Life with ideas on itineraries, booking a stateroom, selecting a ship and saving some money…

Hiking Ideas, Bits Of History, Photographic Tips, Our Custom Maps, And Money Saving Ideas

There’s more in store inside The Intentional Traveler with informative articles on taking photographs, understanding the history behind a place along with our regular magazines and travel news reports.


Walt Disney World

Reviews on places to stay, were to eat and ideas on getting ready for that family trip. Informative posts from almost fifty years of visiting the magic.

The Grand Floridian Seven Seas Lagoon


We’re Judi & Dennis

We’ve spent our life together traveling the world. Years ago we had a business that worked with Caribbean companies and we traveled around the islands frequently. We also had a number of opportunities to visit countries in Europe and since we’ve retired we spend almost a third of each year traveling.

In retirement we need to watch our expenses and are always looking for opportunities to save money. The plan is the less we spend the more places we can travel.

We’ve been in Florida for over forty years (access to that Caribbean market) and have spent a lot of time at Disney World and now that we’ve retired we live in a town just north of Disney World.

In 1999 we discovered cruising for a family vacation and have been hooked ever since. We’re now well over fifty cruises and have sailed every ocean with over 80 Century Club destinations visited. If it hadn’t been for COVID we’d be over 100 by now.

Thanks for visiting our travel site and we hope you’ll come back often.

Today No Place Is Out Of Reach

From the tropical beaches of the Caribbean, to the frozen waters of the South Pole, and the palaces of Southeast Asia, adventure is just waiting for us. Every journey begins with a single step.

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