Our Pin Map Wallpaper

Free Desktop Wallpaper

The World at Night Wallpaper Pin Map (Map Dark Wallpaper 2.3)

This map is available to download as a jpg file that can also be edited as a travel pin map (instructions below).

Closeup with pins added

TERMS OF USE – Our wallpaper images are copyrighted and use is limited to digital device wallpaper or printed for personnel use. They are not to be printed for distribution or published without the express permission of The Intentional Traveler.

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Map Dark Wallpaper 2.3.jpg

How To Use This File – On clicking the “Download” button above you will be redirected to a new page containing this image in an open jpeg format available to download.

  • To download drag and drop the image or option click to select download location.
  • Transfer the image to your desktop image folder.
  • Select the image from your desktop options.

Using Wallpaper As A Pin Map – Depending on the operating system for your device you can edit this map in a number of jpeg editing apps.

Creating A Wallpaper Pin Map

For Macintosh users it’s easy using Preview. Under tools select Annotate and Text. Our preferred method is to select a bold text, select a color and type a Period. After that you can move the dot around the map and copy and paste to add more.

For Windows users download Photo Marker, a simple and effective way to mark-up your images. It will allow you to take notes on a photo or our map.

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