What’s In Your Wallet? Emergency ID?

A Small Price To Pay For Peace Of Mind

If you travel, especially internationally, you really need to carry an Emergency Information ID Card. This handy series of ID cards provides space for emergency contact information, details on medications, allergies, medical conditions and doctors contact number. Oddly, none of that information is found on your drivers license, government ID or passport. In an emergency what’s in your wallet?

An unfortunate series of events (based on a real life incident). John and his wife were traveling in Europe and after checking into their hotel one afternoon John went out for a walk. Only a few blocks from the hotel he suffered a serious medical incident. He received quick emergency help and was taken to a nearby hospital. At the ER they found his passport and the police were notified. The local authorities contacted the American Embassy and they contacted the police in their home town. Since they were traveling, nobody was home. It wasn’t until the next morning that John’s wife was able to locate him.

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