Useful Apps For International Travel

Ten Great Travel Apps You Should Consider

Where would we be without our phones? Every day we use them to navigate, take photos, send and receive email, play music, surf the web and who knows what else. They’re cluttered with dozens and dozens of apps and often we cringe when some store, restaurant or bank tells us we need to add their app – I know I do. When it comes to travel, especially international travel you may have overlooked just a couple of great apps. Following are ten of our newest favorites.

WiFi Finder shows you where you can snag free public WiFi. When you’re traveling internationally wouldn’t you like to have a list of available public WiFi locations? WiFi Finder finds you the closest public Wi-Fi near your current location.

Price: Free (iOS, Android)

WhatsApp is the easiest way to communicate anywhere in the world. Simply the best for staying in touch with friends or family while overseas. WhatsApp allows you to send all kinds of text and multimedia messages while only paying for the data. Before traveling we confirm connects with local friends and booked drivers at destinations so we can let them know when we have arrived.

Price: Free for first year, then $0.99 per year (iOS, Android, Web)

Currency Converter keeps you current on how much you should pay to change your money. Currency Converter displays both the “buy” and “sell” prices, and will factor in typical ATM or credit-card premiums you’ll pay on conversion. This is a great app for consistency and is a better approach than an internet search.

Price: Free (iOS, Android)

Google Translate not only can tell you what a foreign sign is actually saying, this translation app is the best free option available for translating what someone is saying. Just point your smartphone camera at a sign in a foreign language and Google will quickly display text in your language. We first experienced this app a number of years ago in Buenos Aries with a taxi driver. Over the course of a half hour ride we carried on a real conversation using his Google Translate.

Price: Free (iOS, Android)

Foodspotting shows you what meals are being served near you in real time. Foodspotting is like Instagram but shares only posted restaurant images of dishes, including the location. This app shows you the best food being served up near you tagged with the time it was uploaded. It’s a great aid to reading restaurant reviews while on the run.

Price: Free (iOS, Android)

TripAdvisor is the best source for travel reviews. It has information on the best of everything from hotels, restaurants and attractions. Installing their app on your phone is the easiest way to always have their reviews and articles at hand (internet connection required)

Price: Free (iOS, Android, Web)

Hopper tells you when is the best date and time to book a flight to save. Simply tell the app a destination, and it displays a calendar with are range of dates, times and prices. If you’re traveling and are flexible on the day you go from one city to another, Hopper can help you save on flights.

Price: Free (iOS, Android)

Green Tracks a great hiking app that has road, satellite and topographic maps and allows for downloads for when you’re out of cellular range. Works everywhere but if you’re into back-country hikes this is best app.

Price: Free (Android only)

Mobile Passport is a great app to speed you through U.S. Immigration. Fill in declarations before you get to Customs and zip through in a fast lane. In our experience this app is often faster than Global Entry and the paid version is much cheaper. The free version requires you to enter your information each time.

Price: Free and an annual fee versions (iOS, Android)

Wikivoyge is an app from Britain with a huge library of travel information on thousands of locations and it works without an internet connection. Great for international travel using on phones, pads and tablets. Great information to keep handy.

Price: Free (iOS, Android)

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