Visiting Budapest Summer 2022

Subway Line 1

We love Budapest and were eager to return, so when a chance presented itself we were off. This city has everything from the worlds most beautiful cityscapes, incredible historic sites, amazing shopping districts and a lifestyle that includes lots of outdoor cafes. If you come to Budapest an absolute must is a walk along the Danube after Sunset.

We are very fond of the cities mass transit system and the inexpensive day and multi-day passes. From the historic Line 1 Subway*, to an efficient electric tram network to the city’s busses, getting around Budapest is fast, easy and inexpensive. Unfortunately this Summer there are a few issues in getting around. It seems that in the Summer of 2022 Budapest has undertaken a lot of improvement projects that disrupt a lot of areas. Mass transit is one area that has seen a lot of impact. A number of popular tram lines are out of service along with one major Metro (subway) Line.

Red Number 1 On The Map – The Number 1 Metro/Subway Line The runs from west of the Octagon out to Hero’s Square is out of service for modernization. Buses have been added to the street above.

Red Number 2 On The Map – Tram lines 4 and 6 that circle half way round the city from west of Margit bridge to the Central Market now stop at the Octagon heading east. Bus service has been added to complete the route.

Red Number 3 On The Map – Tram line 2 that runs from Margit bridge along the east bank of the Danube to Pitofi bridge and beyond is now out of service. No substitute has been added.

Red Number 4 On The Map – Chain Bridge in the middle of the city is also closed for a major restoration.

Chain Bridge

In addition there are a large number of other construction projects around the city. Buda Castle is impacted as well as the Annex at Matthais Church. Budapest Nyugati Train Station is also undergoing major restoration with many interior offices and services relocated as well as disruption of some service.

All of these changes may require some rethinking in getting around but be assured that Budapest is still amazing and ready to welcome guests.

*The Historic Line 1 Subway in Budapest: It is the oldest line of the Budapest Metro subway system. Line 1 has been in continuous operation since it was first inaugurated on Saturday, May 2, 1896, with only the underground railway system in London being in operation longer.

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