Civitavecchia To Rome • A Guide For Visiting Rome

Cruise ships in the port of Civitavecchia

While Civitavecchia is a major Mediterranean cruise port it is also a port of call for cruise ships with itineraries visiting Rome. The main attraction for this port is Rome itself and there are a number of ways to get to the Eternal City. While the most convenient is of course booking ships excursions, going off on your own can not only save you a lot of money but can also leave you with more time to explore. The trains and metro will get you into Rome in a little over half the time it takes a tour bus.

The first option to consider is the new Civitavecchia Express service. It’s a train operated specifically for cruise passengers that has two departures every morning for people from the ships and returns to Civitavecchia later in the day . This train costs €15 for a roundtrip ticket. The first train departs from Civitavecchia at 09.00 am with service only to Roma San Pietro and Roma Ostiense arriving at about 10.00 am. The last return train departs from Roma Ostiense at 4.30 pm and arrives in the harbor city at 5.20. To purchase tickets ahead of your cruise click HERE for the trains website and instructions.

There is also additional excellent train service connecting Civitavecchia to Rome. Trains run about twice an hour throughout the day. Trains from Civitavecchia travel into the Termini in Rome (the main train station) with stops at Tuscolana, Ostiense, Trastevere, and San Pietro. Many are double-deck regional commuters with room to set luggage if you’re going to spend some time in Rome. Fares are about €7 to €9 per person one way. There are a few faster InterCity trains between Civitavecchia and Roma Termini costing under €12 each but usually they do not stop at Tuscolana, Trastevere, or San Pietro.

Wether you are disembarking from a cruise or just visiting for the day there is usually a free shuttle bus to the train station in Civitavecchia from the port shuttle bus stop. You can catch a designated bus from your ship at the pier to the port shuttle bus station and transfer to the train station shuttle.

The Civitavecchia station

If you feel like walking from the port shuttle bus stop the station in Civitavecchia is a pleasant walk of a dozen or so blocks. Exit the port and turn right at the first intersection. Follow the street to where it ends, turn right, walk down the McDonalds go left, cross the street and walk along the main waterfront street to the train station.

Train schedules that are easy to understand are posted in the station and tickets can be purchased at automated vending machines in the station. There is also a maned ticket window but it’s unlikely they will speak English. After purchasing tickets remember the ticket MUST be validated for use before boarding the train, punch the ticket in one of the little green and white machines around the platform area. There can be serious fines for being on a train and not having validating a ticket.

Civitavecchia To Rome

Saint Peters

Most tour buses into Rome, both “Rome On Your Own” or a guided tour will make the first stop at Saint Peters. If you are taking a train the recommendation is to get off at the San Pietro station (Saint Peters). From there you can visit Saint Peters, the Vatican Museum, switch onto the Rome Metro or head off to explore the city on your own. Check out our “Rome In Eight Hours” guide HERE.

On returning to Civitavecchia the entrance to the port is only a dozen or so block walk. (Exit the train station and go right.) When you get to the McDonalds turn right and go uphill following the street around to the left. A few blocks further along is the ports free shuttle bus area on your left. The free shuttle buses to each ship are clearly marked for your ship.

Taxis in Civitavecchia should be used with caution as they are notorious for being expensive. Make sure you understand the fare before heading out.

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