The Perfect Sample Cruise

Haven’t tried cruising? Want a sample before you dive in completely?

Not sure if you’re going to like cruising? Maybe a spouse wants to try cruising but you think it’s too big a financial commitment? Perhaps someone is prone to getting seasick and are afraid of the risk? Here’s the perfect answer, take a sample cruise!

While there are a number of options available from California, Texas, New Orleans and the Northeast, Florida is the place with the most options. Those short cruises out of Florida sail from Port Canaveral, Miami, Fort Lauderdale and some from Tampa. Itineraries range from three to five days with many cruising over to the Bahamas.

For comparison, we recently booked a four night Bahamas cruise out of Port Canaveral for the two of us on Royal Caribbean for only $485 all in. That included the fare, port fees ad gratuities (it didn’t including port parking fees). That’s four days of great meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner. Great lounge entertainment and production theater shows, an ice skating show – yes the ship had ice skating – access to two swimming pools and a casino, along with a day in Nassau Bahamas and another day at a private island (the island’s water park was $99 extra per person). Throw in the option of leaving the children in a great kids day program so mom and dad can have a little time to themselves at no extra cost and we’re talking bargain with a capital B

Royal Caribbean also has a three day cruise that’s even less expensive and Carnival can be even cheaper. I don’t know about you, but we can barely stay home and go out to dinner a couple of times for that amount of money.

Below are a couple of listing examples. If you’re flexible and can wait till just before the cruise to book you can find some even better bargains like we did above. We booked that cruise just four days before the sailing and one passenger we spoke with claimed he booked for even less a day later.*



*In addition to the cruise price there are also taxes, port fees and gratuities you should also expect to pay. These were included in that $485 four day example above.

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