Praise For A Bar Of Soap And More

It’s funny how things can relate to places and using them brings back fond memories. We discovered an incredible pepper sauce in Belize that we now can’t live without and every time we get the bottle out we think about meeting the woman making that sauce. Likewise with spices like paprika from Hungary and jerk seasoning from Jamaica using them brings more to the table than just flavors. At times Judi has picked up jewelry as we travel and every time she wears a piece it invokes travel memories. Murano glass from Venice, lava rock jewelry from the Canaries, carved jade from Central America and Larimar from the Caribbean.

The pepper sauce from Belize is Marie Sharp’s Habanero Pepper Sauce and it is really hot. The real thing that sets it apart from other Habanero Pepper Sauces is it actually has flavor. There’s a medley of vegetable tastes that manage to push through the heat and enhance the experience.

We met Marie when she was still making her sauce for a local customer base but today she has become a major exporter and has also increased her range of offerings. You may be able to find her sauce on the shelf of your local supermarket and it is also available on Amazon.

Maja Soap

It’s been forty years or more since that trip to Europe where we bought some Spanish soap. It had a pleasant scent and was pretty inexpensive and after using it my wife fell in love with it. For a while any trip to Europe required us to bring back several bars of Maja soap. Fortunately today it’s readily available in local stores including some drugstore chains and even Walmart.

Maja Soaps

  • Our luxurious bath soaps last longer and produce a beautiful, rich lather. Their delicious and distinctive scent will complement your daily beauty routine.
  • Maja soaps are an inexpensive luxury and make an excellent gift idea. These scented soaps are loved by people around the world, and each round soap comes wrapped in an elegant black silk paper.
  • Keep your skin looking and feeling its best with this daily soap. Maja soaps will clean your skin without removing its essential moisture; this gentle formula leaves your skin feeling soft, clean, refreshed, and revitalized.
  • Maja soap provides a pleasant sensation and aroma. Its classic fragrance is a blend of rose, jasmine, and other flowers enriched with some citrus notes, lavender, spice, and wood.
  • Its formula of Glycerin and Beeswax will help your skin maintain its moisture. The rich ingredients in these soaps form a barrier between the skin and the environment without clogging pores.

The best availability and price we’ve discovered is with Amazon. Three 3.5 ounce bars for under $14.00 and that’s way cheaper than even Walmart.

The Disclaimer: The Intentional Traveler is an Amazon Affiliate and any purchase you make using our links will provide us with a small commission. It will not effect your price. Thanks you for your support.

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