Random Images • Maeklong Railway Market Thailand

Photography is my obsession and when traveling the world often images just present themselves. Most are random impressions with little context but some seem to suggest at a self contained story. Still others leave me wanting to find out more about what I stumbled upon. Here’s a glimpse of just why we travel…

The Maeklong market is a typical Asian market that sells everything from fruit and vegetables to fresh caught fish (stingrays and eels are very popular). The unique feature of this Thai open air market is that it operates right on the tracks of an active train line. The market is set up just outside the Maeklong train station and as the trains approach they slow down to a crawl to give the sellers time to move their wares off the track, pull back the awnings and withdraw the carts. As soon as the train passes it back to business as usual.

Join us as we visit historic treasures, natural wonders and vibrant cities set against beautiful backdrops that are endlessly changing.

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