Random Images • The Jeepney

Photography is my obsession and when traveling the world often images just present themselves. Most are random impressions with little context but some seem to suggest at a self contained story. Still others leave me wanting to find out more about what I stumbled upon. Here’s a glimpse of just why we travel…

In Manila traffic you’re likely to see almost anything. Motor scooters with trailers, motorcycle delivery vehicles and the ubiquitous Jeepney. The origin of the Jeepney is found in U.S. Army jeeps left behind after WWII. Locals took the jeeps and turned them into minibus like public transportation. After the jeeps were used up Philippine shops started building the Jeepneys from the ground up. Today they are called just Jeeps and in most cities they serve as the most popular means of public transportation. They are known for crowded seating and outlandish decorations and are a symbol of Philippine culture and art. After taking this photo I was also fascinated by the sidecar delivery motor scooter and the passenger’s flip flop almost falling off…

Join us as we visit historic treasures, natural wonders and vibrant cities set against beautiful backdrops that are endlessly changing.

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