Cellphone Photography Basics

Phone Photography Tips Spend some time getting to know your cellphone’s photo app functions. Use The Photo App Options Most phone apps when opened start out in “photo auto” mode but there are additional options. They usually include features like “portrait” or “people” mode, “backlight” and “night scene” as a minimum. Each mode has aContinue reading “Cellphone Photography Basics”

More Talking About Photography

I’ve spent much of my life behind a camera. Maybe it started in 1961 when my Father couldn’t seem to get good pictures out of his first 35mm camera and in frustration he gave it to me. It didn’t take long before I was developing my own film and making prints in an improvised darkroom.Continue reading “More Talking About Photography”

Photography And Composition

PART 1 • Composition Rules For Better Photographs I’ve spent most of my life in photography and long ago I learned a few things about composition. What turns an okay picture into something really good. When to follow the rules and when to break them but most of all how important it is to beContinue reading “Photography And Composition”