Packing Medications For Travel

Carrying Medications and Being Prepared One of our travel essentials often is a ready made pack from Rescue Essentials, a Medications Unit Dose Pack available on Amazon HERE. The pack is only 5.91 x 3.78 x 0.91 inches; 1.13 ounces with individually marked foil packets. Each ziplock bag contains: 12 Ibuprofen (NSAID) – 200 mgContinue reading “Packing Medications For Travel”

7 Medications That Can Help You Recover

Cruising and the Risk of Contagion Part III Carrying Medications and Being Prepared An Ounce Of Prevention Our first line of defense is improving our immune system before we get sick and that starts with vitamin C. Several weeks before a trip we start taking it. Around 1970, Nobel prize winner Linus Pauling (chemistry andContinue reading “7 Medications That Can Help You Recover”