Welcome To Cruising

Considering Taking A Cruise? If you’re new to cruising or are just now considering your first cruise, we’d like to help you understand what’s involved in taking that cruise, the costs and ways to save.. Cruising may actually be one of the best values in travel today, especially when considering family vacation resort costs, meals,Continue reading “Welcome To Cruising”

The Art and Science of Packing for a Trip

Traveling light can become a lifestyle once you begin focusing your attention on available options and planning for the trips needs. Traveling with lighter, easily rinsable, multi-purpose clothes actually makes the trip much easier on you when you no longer are hauling around oversized and heavy luggage. Please Note: Most items shown on this pageContinue reading “The Art and Science of Packing for a Trip”

Travel, Credit Cards & Identity Theft

Credit Cards for International Travel These are interesting times we live in when it comes to financially protecting ourselves. Just the simple pastimes of shopping and travel can expose us to financial fraud and it does seem to be getting worse. A couple of years ago our son and a friend where cruising with isContinue reading “Travel, Credit Cards & Identity Theft”